Prophet... new vs. used


Hey gang
I’ve been teetering between a Prophet Rev2 (8 voice) and a Prophet 6. I really can’t validate spending THAT much on a synth in the case of the 6, but I think I’ll end up overwhelmed with the Rev2 and all it’s sound-design functionality, and will end up actually less productive with it than if I got something more straight forward. =

Now, the point:
I’ve read that Rev2’s have been quite buggy with lots of defective units sold. I was going to buy it new (Thomann) just to be perfectly safe with warranties, receipts, etc.

If I go with a Prophet 6, obviously I’d want to save money, so I want to check out used deals. However, I’ve been told that the Prophet 6 needs attentive care and maintenance, so I’m just wondering if I’m better off waiting and saving to get a brand spankin’ new one, or if I should chill and consider buying used.

I guess sourcing personal experience from Prophet owners :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your time!


Caveat that I’m not a Prophet owner, but I haven’t heard that the Prophet 6 needs and particular care and maintenance (over and above any other synth). Are you thinking of the old Prophet 5?

I have thought about getting a Prophet 6, and they do seem to hold their value very well, not sure you’ll get a big discount buying used…


I have a Prophet 6 and have never had a seconds trouble with it. Mine was one of the first batch to land in the UK. Out of interest, what issues are they supposed to have?


actually i think @spikysimon may be right… i may be thinking of the 5.


I think your cash would be as safe as it ever can be with a 6.


Got an OB-6 and it feels really solid. I have never even had a bug so far. The magic of analog, I suppose :wink:

Cool thing with Rev2 is that you can play two patches at the same time.
I am not too fond of the filter sound, though. Would definitely go for the P6. Don’t forget that you can modulate from outside any parameter, so that can make for the lack of modulations…


cool thanks!


yeah… i was hoping to have the flexibility to do everything with this… jazz and deep house vibes as well as sound designy ambient/noise/drone stuff, but i know myself and if there’s too much shit available to me, ill just get overwhelmed and frustrated and ignore the whole thing altogether. I’m still on the fence… mostly because of the price… but yeah.


the Poly mod on the 6 makes it feel pretty deep still, yet with no menu diving it’s still a really intuitive machine. I think really you know which you want, you just wish it cost less :smiley:


you are not wrong :rofl:


Had a Prophet 6 for some time. Zero issues. Only love. :heart:


Also, it’s also a beauty to look at, and the keybed’s the best I’ve played on a synth. The Rev2 is solid, but the Prophet 6 is craftsmanship at its finest.


I’d second that - the keyboard is beautiful. Nicer than the one on my Oberheim Two Voice Pro in fact, and that’s nearly a £4000 synth.


yeah i’m not even considering the desktop version. If i’m gonna actually do this I’ll do it right :slight_smile:


Your senses will thank you for it😊


I got a Rev 2 (8 voice) from new as I could not afford the extra for an OB6. I’ve not had any bugs and it is still a thing of beauty (even without the SEM filter and blue lines).
I would say the OB6 is incredibly versatile and can be used in loads of genres, it’s just how you use it. If you have an Octatrack then MIDI LFO’s make up for the single LFO …
But I do love my Prophet.


Thanks for all the feedback. If I go Rev2 I’ll buy new, if I decide on the 6 I’ll buy used :slight_smile:
I appreciate all your time!


Hey, don’t overlook the desktop unit : it’s way cheaper and you can hook it to a larger keyboard…


If you do buy a brand new Prophet 6 check it very carefully from top to bottom!

Also, do a calibration once very day for a week and make sure that every time it fully completes. Had to replace a voicecard on mine that i suspect was failing from new, as sometimes calibration completed sometimes not. Sorted now with replacement card.

Also had some not very good issues with the silk screened lettering on the cut off area, wish they did the same as moog faceplate for Sub37, much more robust!

I hate silk screened lettering, it is not bulletproof!


You shouldn’t do a calibration that often : the aim is to adapt to the conditions of the environment. And the synth should be warm already…