Projects: No "reload" after "save to new"?

Yesterday I used the „Save to new“ command to save a version of a project I’m working on. After that I got a prompt that the „new project is now active“ (as expected) and made some more changes. But I didn’t like the changes, so I wanted to revert the project to its saved status using „reload“ – but that didn’t work, instead I was told that the project was never saved and therefore cannot be reloaded. Is this standard behaviour? Do I have to save a project again after I’ve saved it as a new project and it has become active? Or did I do something wrong?

Is it the right “reload” you hit ?
The obvious reload button is for Parts (you have to save one before)

To reload a project, you have to go in the project menu.

Yeah, I’m talking about the project menu (for “save to new” and “reload”)…

I think to use the reload function you must first create a save state, each project can have one of these. Apparently save to new doesn’t do this, I think it just copies the project and renames it.

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Looks like you’re right. Silly, no? How does “save to new” not really save a project (while “save” does)? And what kind of problem does it solve? Who ever wants to save a project but really not save it?

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Think of it like this: A save state is a “property” of the project. If your project has no save state, the renamed copy will not have one either, because it’s identical to the original.

Counterintuitive perhaps but perfectly logical.

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Not to me though… to me, what makes a project saved is that it has a save state. Otherwise, what about it is saved? “Save” project creates a save state for the running project, “Save to new” should create a save state in a new project.

At the least it’s a misnomer, the command should be called “Little more than rename with potential surprises later” or something… :sob:

You might already have a save state that you don’t want to overwrite, and still want to “save as new”. I agree the function could be called “duplicate” for example, the word “save” is confusing.


I agree that the terms are misnomers - and it is a very counterintuitive way of working.

  1. “Save as New” active Project B as Project B2.
  2. “Change” to old Project A, finish Project.
  3. “Change” to Project B2, make edit you hate.
  4. You cannot “Reload” Project B2 because it has no “Save State”.

The solution is to" Save" after you have “Saved as New” but this repeats the (sometimes slow) act of saving the entire Project rather than just saving a single boolean State value.

I can’t believe it was designed this way from the start. What is wrong with the universally used “Load, Save, Save As”?

Hey guys, this may be just a bug, have you checked with support ?

I don’t think it’s a bug. The new project has the same save state as the original, if it had one. Counterintuitive but logical.

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No it doesn’t, I don’t think. The original project had been saved many times, but the new (saved as new) didn’t have a save state, as I discovered when I wanted to reload it. The save state doesn’t get duplicated with the project.

In that case I don’t see the logic. Maybe it is an oversight by the design team.

Sorry for uneducated comments, I don’t use those functions often.

I work with a Template-Project. With this I start every project via Save As New … very frustrating, that i cant use “reload” with this workflow …

Just think of the “Save” command as “store a backup/recovery point for the currently active project” and you’ll all be just fine… The sky is not falling. :slight_smile:

Can confirm, sky not falling.

Still, it’s silly.


Strange, didn’t work for me, even when i use “save”. it always says “save part first” when i try to reload?!

You’re thinking of the wrong reload. What is discussed in this thread is a reload option in the Project menu.

To reload a Part, it first needs to be saved via the Part “window” or whatever it’s called. Go find out about this, it’s a useful function.

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thanks. didnt know that there are two kinds of reload.

I think it is not normal too. When you do “save as” on a computer you have a “saved” state.

On the Octatrack it is like like a new project : Only .work files are copied on the card.
.strd files should be created at the same time.
You have to save twice. Not normal. The sky is grey. :meh: