Project complete backup?


I’m wondering about this too. Is there a way to backup ALL projects on my AR2 in one save, or do I have to do a backup for every single project?


solved by closing google chrome on my PC.


so, is that the solution for have a samples backup? did anyone do it?


Looks like you can now easily move samples to and from your RYTM mkI and mkII using the Elektron Transfer application. Not sure how to keep the samples with the project data - still using c6 to backup projects over sysex on my mkI


wow! interesting, I did not know about this news, in these days I start to study



On the Octatrack i backup my projects by activating USB disk mode and copying everyting on the CF card to my backup media.

On the Rytm / Digitone , how can i backup everyting related to my projects ?



I think the fact you can’t backup your project or import kits with samples makes this machine a piece of junk.
It’s really a shame as I really like this machine but I think knowing this limitation i’m going to hit it with a sledgehammer.
The whole point of having hardware over a computer is that it makes things quicker and easier and more tactile , this just makes a computer look really attractive again and makes you question why the hell you would want to put yourself through this stress when you can literally press one button for save on a DAW and everything is saved.

Elektron are one of the most frustrating companies in existence.
The worst things for me they have done are this with the RYTM.
No midi in to slice on the Octactrack.
No pattern export on the A4.