Project complete backup?


You’re welcome. I also couldn’t figure that out at first. A bit of an illogical term for the action i think.

Dunno about sample slots, i’m backing everything up, but haven’t tested loading stuff back into Rytm yet


The only reason that C6 wasn’t getting data was that I had the wrong MIDI/USB setting chosen… oops. Had to go into the Midi Port Config screen and set the “Output To” parameter to “MIDI+USB” first. Thanks to Simon from Elektron Support for helping sort that out.

The “Full Project Backup” option does not save sample assignments. It would definitely be nice to get a true backup option. If I was touring with the Rytm for example, I’d want to take a spare machine with me. And it would be incredibly time-consuming to reconstruct a live set by going through and reassigning samples for every kit and every project.


thanks guys!

Yeah, regarding touring it would be a bit nerve racking not to have a back up machine that was easily configured to match the other.
Is it possible this might be addressed in a future update? Full project backup including samples would seriously put me at ease.


Hi guys,

Which is the best approach to backup a project with their samples?
I can’t find any option to save/sysex/grab samples back to my computer.



Check this thread.[/quote]
Why you sent me to that thread?
It would be easy to say: “At this time it is impossible to export your samples back to your computer”
Don´t give hope were it isn´hehehe



Is it possible to backup everything (mainly patches I am concerned about.)

I just had the terrifying thought of having my AR stolen or something, and losing all the contless hours of making patches.



Yes. You should back up samples that you load to your Analog Rytm on your computer. For everything else, use SysEx Send in the Global menu to backup sounds, kits, patterns, or whole projects to your computer. See pages 54-55 in the manual.


Thank you! I will read up on that in the manual.

Does it simply become like a little file which you can then store in the computer or in the cloud?




so the sysex send will only save the patterns, kits & settings etc not the actual samples themselves? If that’s so then i might try and cut down on sample usage on the rytm a little

Hopefully overbridge will have a feature where you can mount the actual storage as a removable device and copy the entire sys memory.


got it, project export successfull (yeeeehaw!) :slight_smile:


I had the same problem, have you solved?

I also opened this thread about the problem:


I’ve configured USB on Elektron as “USB-MIDI Only”.
When I send wav samples to my RYTM from computer with C6 program it complete the operation succesfully.
Instead when I try to backup some settings of my RYTM I’ve some problems!
What I do.

I’ve connected my Elektron RYTM to my PC (Windows 7) with usb.
I push on C6 program button “receive” and I send files from Elektron. On Elektron appear “Sending…” on pc “receiving…” but nothing happen on progress bar. I imagine that all files recived will appear on the C6 main window… but nothing happen.

I also tried using an old Mac, but it’s the same.

What can I do? Has anyone ever had these problems?


@tabache I took the liberty to join the two threads to keep the info on the same place, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Tabache - make sure your Rytm’s midi out setting is on MIDI + USB. Otherwise it won’t work.


Am I missing something or do you have to back up a single project at a time? I’m not seeing any obvious way to backup all projects at once.

I have to send my Rytm back for repair as the pads aren’t working right and figured it would be sensible to backup everything, but it looks like I have to do a sysex dump for each project individually…


Holy moly this is painful.

  • First three projects backed up fine
  • next project refuses to send (tried restarting c6, rytm etc, still doesn’t send)
  • moved on to next project, it’s sending but in uber-slow mode (it’s been receiving for at least 5 minutes now)

I’ve only used C6 to send some sample packs to the rytm in the past and it did work (although I remember it also being quite a painful process).

I did have a look around the overbridge VST half expecting to find some way to save projects from there, but didn’t spot anything obvious either.

Seems crazy to have this hardware which is so well integrated with a DAW but uses this wholly unfriendly, unwieldy, ungraceful and overall painful process for backing up data.


Hey everyone,

So… still no tricks for a full project backup including samples with the rytm? Elektron you have all my love, but I really think this is a very basic thing to ask from a machine that costs this much


Having the same issue. -sigh- Though, I can’t even back up one project. =/



how do you guys backup projects?