Programming midi to change patterns

Can you program your midi switcher so that one push of a button would change the pattern to the next pattern that is currently playing? Another button to change the pattern to previous pattern?

I know you can use program change to change patterns, but you need to assign a button to specific program to a specific pattern. This would not do.

Any suggestion would help.



There’s no specific midi message for pattern increment / decrement.

You’d need a midi processor with variables.
I think it’s doable with Retrokits RK002.
It would need to receive the current Prog Change, and then it would be able to send this value +1 or -1.

But with something like MIDI MOUSE, you can do it setting manually the first pattern.


Many thanks!

Retrokits RK002 seems little too overboard for me so I will try witl tech 21.

Again, thanks!

Is there any way to allocate external midi button to “Pattern” or “Bank” button?

So i would push a external foot controller and it would be like pushing “Pattern” or “Bank” button, lighting up available trig or bank?

Thanks in advance for your help.



I was about to recommend Master Control by Molten Voltage but it’s unfortunatelly discontinued. :frowning:

Many thanks! did not know this brand.

Yes, I noticed that the other day. I have a Master Control controlling a Node switcher and I love it. Super solid clock and really easy to use.
I also have their Midi Delaytion which converts midi to a tap signal for a Boss DD7 and the Osmosis Midi mapping filter.

Not sure what is going on with them, almost all product is discontinued without any notice.

I had actually just sent an email asking about a stereo Node, or if I could use 2 together to that effect.

I haven’t heard back yet but I’ll come back and let you know here if I learn anything.

You can still find lots of MV pedals used on Reverb, in fact maybe even more than I would consider normal for such a niche line of pedals.


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