Program change to monologue query


Hi guys, I’m trying to decide between the Digitakt and Model Samples and I was leaning toards the Digitakt for the midi sequencing options.

I’m hoping to fire out program changes to my Monologue so it will switch presets/patterns with pattern changes from the Digitakt, but I’m reading some info about it not really working like that.

Can anyone please advise? If it doesn’t really work that way I may just opt for the Model Samples instead. Cheers.


The Digitakt can send Program Change messages when its pattern changes, and also on any sequencer step if desired. What “info” are you reading?

See also:


Thanks for the reply,

That’s exactly how I thought and hoped it worked, but a chap on a facebook group told me he had some problem getting the Digitakt to control his Minilogue in the same way I want to use it with my Monologue. I’ve also searched this forum and read a bit of info about patterns not switching instantly on external gear.

I really really like the sequencer on the Monologue and would love to still use that, using the Digitakt to automate pattern changes for me. Sounds like I’m good to go, maybe the chap on facebook had a bit of user error. Cheers!


I have both the Monologue and Minilogue. With my minilogue, there is a slight delay in preset changing.

However, my monologue changes instantly. Even tested with a different preset on each of the 16 steps in a sequence.


For the laggy ones, you can always put the change trig on the last step of the previous pattern.