Problems with Digitone + MIDI keyboard

Hi there,

I’ve recently bought my Digitone and I’m trying to config a default setup with Ableton + Digitone + Keyboard (Alesis V49) both devices wired with USB to my Mac, and I have a couple of problems which are driving me crazy.

1) When I play on the keyboard, the midi goes fine to Track 1 and I get the sound on Ableton. Here’s all good. But when I want to change to track 2/3 or 4 the only sound I get is still from Track 1, even if this one is mutted (weird?) which is pretty annoying. No response at all when changing Tracks on the Digitone or mute/desmuting them. Track 1 is always the track that responds to MIDI whatwever I do while I’m playing with the keyboard. If I play with the Digitone’s sequencer in keybaord mode it works just fine with the different tracks, but that’s not what I’m looking for, I really want that with my keyboard.

I’ve already checked the MIDI config in Digitone and Ableton so I set up the MIDI CH 10 on my keyboard as the default cause the AUTO CH on Digitone is 10 and Tracks 1/2/3/4 are set as 1/2/3/4 respectively.

Sorry If I’m missing something obvious here but I checked several times the MIDI routing and other configs on the Digitone and I can’t get anything :frowning:

How do you change to other DN tracks?

Just selecting them with the 4 tracks button on Digitone, as I do when I want to edit a track or play with it with the sequencer

So it looks like Ableton is transmitting on CH1. Or try with new project on DN.

Nothing changes on a new project. And Ableton is succesfully transmitting on CH10 or 2 or 3 or whatever I assign :frowning:

What OS is DN running on? Last one?

yes, 1.21

Are you using the external instrument device in Ableton to send MIDI to the DN?

This is a screen capture from Ableton just a few minutes ago. I have my controller keyboard sending MIDI on Channel 8. This then gets directed to the DN through the external instrument device on Channel 10 (auto channel) and the audio from the DN comes back. Works fine here.

I have also the Same Problem, i try it with overbridge digitone au plugin !

Thanks for that tip. The thing is I’m using Overbridge cause I have my audio interface (only 2 ins) already busy with another synth so my idea was getting the sound from the OB split so I’m not using External Instrument. This is my setup now:

OB track: Digitone plugin and MIDI From my keyboard (channel 10 selected)
1/2/3/4: Audio tracks receiving from the ‘OB track’ as you can see in the I/O slots to get each DN track isolated.

As I said, If I play with DN sequencer or for example a full pattern programmed in the DN I receive each track’s audio perfectly routed but when I play with the keyboard I only get sound from Track 1.

Does anyone have any solutions for this? I’m having the exact same problem, except track one carries to all four tracks and responds even with the Digitone’s own keyboard. Even if I load a new sound to say, track two, track one still plays. I’m not quite sure what the issue is, and I’m fairly competent with DT but feel pretty lost trying to figure this out on DN. Any help would be super appreciated, just starting to really carve out some good synths on DN.

@Tchu has posted a solution in the Overbridge beta channel: