Powering ST by Ripcord is unreliable

Hello people,
I have a problem with my ripcord usb charging cable, about every 10 minutes my syntakt crashes and goes off.
After I have to reconnect the ripcord charging cable so that the syntakt starts again.
I use Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh.
Does anyone have the same problem and a solution for it?

Could be the Ripcord, could also be the Powercore.

Syntakt needs 12v. Anker power banks don’t usually have a 12v setting. They have various lower and higher ones, but not 12v.

Check it with another powerbank, and with different other devices, if you can.


What’s the voltage of the Ripcord, is it 12v?

That powerbank seems more than powerful enough to my eyes, though I’m no expert. I’ve run an AR, an A4, an OT and the Digis with my far lesser spec’d power bank.

To be honest, I’ve had no end of troubles with Ripcords. Try out a Birdcord, they work flawlessly for me.


Yes 12v.
I have another powerbank from Anker, with the Anker 325 powerbank 20000mAh is the same problem.

Myvolts adaptaters do not provide enough power for ST. See


+1 for Birdcord. I’m using the 12v USB-PD adaptor from Birdcord, and the powerbank they recommended from Baseus. Works great.


unfortunately my powerbank has no usb c output do you think i can use a usb to usb c adapter or will that not work?

From my understanding, you wouldn’t see the benefits of USB-PD with an USB-A -> USB-C adaptor.

Your situation is complicated:

  • ripcords work great when they work but have numerous bad reports here so it sounds like their quality varies
  • your powerbanks may not deliver the right voltage

You need to find a way to test both before you can rule out one and solve the other.


No. Regular USB cannot provide enough power, you need an USB PD source supporting 12v/1.5A minimum.


It looks like the powerbank runs on 12V/1.5A.
So its the ripcord, or am I wrong?

I would put money on it being the Ripcord. I’ve powered an AR from several Anker powerbanks, all less well spec’d than that one, with no issues. And I’ve had several Ripcords, all but one of them had issues.

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alright, do you think this Birdcord will work?

or do I need this one? My powerbank unfortunately has no USB C… :confused:

Either of those will be perfect. :slight_smile:

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You need the PD cable. From the first page you linked:

The issue is not the voltage, but the current. The standard Birdcord can supply only 750mA at 12V. The Syntakt requires a 2A 12V power supply.

You will also need a powerbank capable of PD, as the page for the Birdcord PD states.


@Octagonist and others:
do i understand correctly that I can use that birdcord cable to power the syntakt or octatrack mk2 with a usb charger such as this one (2.4 A, 12W):

No, it needs to be USB-C with PD (power delivery). That charger is only USB-A. For syntakt, I have found at least 1.5A at 12V (so 1.5 x 12 = 18W) to be enough.

All chargers I’ve looked at have written on them what voltages they deliver and how many amps at that voltage. More amps is okay, the device just takes what is needed.


tnx for the reply, too bad was hoping to not have to buy other adapters/power bricks.

would my macbook pro power brick work? its usb-c, 96w?

or otherwise this one:

No it wont as it doesn’t support the PD protocol so it won’t negotiate the output on 12V. Be careful with it as it outputs 20V so you could damage your ST.

Out of curiousity: Why would anyone buy and use a USB charger + USB cable instead of the official power adapter shipped with the ST?


true, the other one from belkin does support the pd protocol though.

but you are right, i was just checking if I oculd power the syntakt with other stuff i have lying around. was not planning on buying other adapters, maybe a powerbank some day but that’s a different story. any tips?

I have a macbook pro PD brick here. It would NOT work with the Syntakt. It has written on it that it supports output at 20V, 15V, 9V and 5V. Look at yours and see what it says. It is tiny text but it is there.

I would look for a power brick that clearly says it supports 12V at 1.5A or higher. That Belkin one didn’t say (or said it somewhere in a language I don’t understand).