Syntakt USB Ripcord

I got the cable Andrew Huang links to in his video and the syntakt will turn on, but shut off almost immediately after loading up. Bummed :frowning:

Update: Wait now it’s workin. Think I just needed the right power bank.

Update 2: annnnnd it shut off again after 15 min of use. Waste of 30 bucks, dang.

I just use one of these. Works with everything. OT MK1, MD MK1, Syntakt, Laptop, Pro 2… 6V, 9V, 12V, whatever. Just plug the PSU into it.

Fortunately syntakt PSU is ultra small.


Sucks, I could see analog kit having more of a draw than digital.

Does not bode well for the upcoming Andrew Huang / module collaboration

ST just requires more amperage. The blindspot and birdcord with direct PD work fine.


Received my DC<>USB-PD adapters, working perfectly with Syntakt.

Less than 5 euros with shipping:
(make sure you pick the right one, with 5.5/2.5 plug)


Excellent find. Thanks for sharing!

This works like a charm with a strong PD powerbank. I have the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank pro 3 with 45W PD through USB-C. Very good combo!

I really recommend all songbird cables I have several. Top quality, much better than ripcords.

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My big issue with birdcords is that there’s no angle with the connector, it’s annoying for small cases.

I have already wondered. Others say 2a. Mine says 1a. :smiley:

Yeah, there’s apparently more out there than i thought, 1A seems to be the nominal worst case draw, with a slight blip above at power on. The PSU would always have been 2A (24W). But it would be an idea to make sure anyone using it knows to avoid using a 12W psu, even if those may have a safety margin, it’s impossible to know with cheap options

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That may well be. For safety reasons, certainly.

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Anyone have any luck powering the Syntakt + Digitakt or Digitone with one battery/cable? I am able to power the Syntakt with a USB-C birdcord and a ravpower battery or a wall plug, but when I use a splitter to try to power the Syntakt + Digitone or Digitakt neither one turns on. I can power the Digitakt + Digitone fine with one battery, but I guess the Syntakt needs more amps.

You could try these with angled connectors:

Can confirm the Baseus power bank and the Blind Spot USB cable work perfectly for powering Syntakt.


I just ordered one, you still getting on ok with this?

Yes working fine without issues! Only downside is that I have to unplug the cable from battery otherwise even turned off there’s still power draw.
It was the same with Blindspot cable, probably due to USB PD chip.

Great thanks.

Has anyone had luck with the Birdcord PD12V adapter and this Anker battery?

Anker says it’s PD capable, but the combo isn’t powering my Syntakt on. I’m left scratching my head if it’s an issue with the battery, the birdcord, or the c-c cable between the two (although I have tried two now).

Just ordered the Blindspot cable after picking up a Baseus power bank.
i don’t need Syntakt to be portable but I would like the option to move around freely.

Definitely will report back once it gets here because I see plenty of mixed results.