Power supply alternative to save some space

I am looking to save some space in my case which hosts 1 OT mk1, 1 AR mk1, and / or a Digitakt and a Digitone. The power supplies take up quite aone space, so I thought about uaing smaller ones. Would these fit? (And not break the machines)

Also I plan to add other gear like the Minitaur or a microfreak. What about them?

Thanks for any advice on better suitable power supplies, should these not work.

Only ONE for 4 boxes :slight_smile:

Love my new Gorilla GC-LDJC Case! One PSU to rule them all!

BUT be aware OT mk1 needs 6V and 3A!!!

The others 12V 2A

Thanks for the link, your case and power solution looks dope! Will have to see if this works also for my setup.

So, I guess the power supply I posted would not work for OT mk1? (Of course I planned to buy one of these for each box, so 4x the power supply)

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As an alternative, I was thinking about one of these…

OT mk1 needs 6V and 3A!

Selected one got 12V and 0.5A

Thanks for pointing this out. Will look for another solution.