Love my new Gorilla GC-LDJC Case! One PSU to rule them all!

Hi folks,

I want to share some experience with my new Gorilla GC-LDJC Large case!
Spoiler: I don’t want to miss it again!!!

Since I have started with Analog Rytm some years ago my setup got more and more “Elektronfied”. it took some time and money to find the best stuff to fit for my setup.

OT, AR, A4, AH and Suonobuono nABC Compressor are lots of pieces so my intention was to have a case which is “ready-to-play”.

One power supply - one to rule them all!
That’s also important to me because all devices in my setup got their own power supply (limited space!).

here is the complete BOM:

I managed to find one of these very useful :slight_smile:

Just cut the female connector and put it into the stromverteiler.

Power Supply: went for 12V - 7.5A which is completely enough for AH, AR, A4 and OT.
(7.5A is not available right now)

also one DI-Box is included since I got some humming on some PA-setups

the Suonobuono nABC compressor is powered by a battery pack:

also using a LED USB light

here is one pic:



DUDE that is brilliant! Thanks for the breakdown of the power supply solution, I predict a lot of peeps on here will copy that.

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That’s the reason why I am sharing this :slight_smile:

Also the burn-in-test was without an issue - it ran for 12 hours the last 5 days :smiley: just to ensure all is fine
I had to put out the powersupply off the case cause it was getting to hot

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Wow wait, today I was wondering how to power a DT, DN and AH with one plug, and now this :slight_smile:

I’m not too tech savvy with electrical stuff, this seems doable though. So you’ve plugged the power supply (cutting the socket) to one side of the stromverteiler, attached the other cables on the other side, and good to go?

Seems there is no soldering required right?

I want something similar for home, I have too many machines and it takes a lot of sockets, would like to reduce that. Any other suggestion welcome.

Kuddos on your solution and thanks a bunch for sharing!

I am also not familiar with electrical stuff :wink: there is no soldering required but I have soldered the ends of the cables to fit more precisely on the pcb inputs.

I have attached one of these to the Stromverteiler that I don’t have to mess up the cable on the psu

Just cut the female connector and put it into the stromverteiler.

A question regarding your case and the “embedding” of your machines into the foam: how do you deal with the heat developed by the AR and the A4? I have a similar case, but I am always a bit concerned avout overheating.

thanks for asking: the A4 is “quite” cool than the AH (maybe related to the name)
I have removed much foam as I can on the bottom to ensure it’s not getting hot.

in the beginning of the burn-in-test the AH was producing so much heat that I have to start picking foam until it was ok - ok means handwarm (which was not possible after the first hour :astonished:) - so I can hold it with my hand.
this setup is intend to run not more than 4-5 hours in one session so I think I will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very interesting! How much does it weight?

The case is not made for such huge weight so the handle isn‘t build for that.

I use following thing to „carry“ it around:

I will send an update with the weight.

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