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Tinfoil hats
Projection mapping
Plastic surgery

Please write a little paragraph about the artwork and your inspiration or intention or title.

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I don’t have the pics available right now so I can just share this insta link atm. This is the logo I created for a little event series I organized. I‘ve always been torn between letters and music and this is the result of a time when I was more into lettering than these days. I also printed this stuff myself with a DIY silkprinting kit.


I took advantage of photography combine with walking for a long period of time, in a really difficult period of my life to clear my head and be amazed by the blue hours colors on the Normandy coast

I done photo for 2 years… (I always love photography I done a lot back in the days in art school = film camera like 25 years ago) I feel attracted by landscape, too bad because it need to travel and I can’t afford it without sacrificing fully the music, so music more important than photography… It became something I update less regularly. But I’m happy of few pictures :slight_smile:

Originally I bought a video rig to make video tutorials. (when I get my elektron gears back I will probably take that idea back on the table of GTD) For now that’s my brother who use it with its youtube channel, he review vapor (vape) things.

I was very happy and he’s happy too… with not so much money spent.
Sony A6300,
16-50mm/3.5-5.6 OSS
55-210mm/4.5-6.3 OSS
Sigma 30mm F1.4 Contemporary DC DN
Manfrotto Tripod MK055
Manfrotto Head MHXPRO
Newer Chromakey
Newer Softbox (3 pieces)
Neewer 660 LED

Development of RAW was done with Lightroom, Photoshop and Aurora HDR (tiny amount)
I had a 150-600mm for a period of time I don’t kept because of the usage I made regarding the price but it was dope. I really like to take tiny pieces on a long distance (to focus on something you can’t notice without to be close to it) and macrophotography (kind of the same but working the opposite way). probably because it’s a different point of view, I less attracted by reality… everyday point of view. I need to travel (forget everything) with everything I do


This is - I guess - my latest work. It’s the poster for an animation festival. It was originally a lot more Steamboat Willie -styled but for some reason they wanted to tone that down.

I love drawing and doing pictures but I often have a lot of trouble taking orders from my customers. As an illustrator I suggest that if you as a customer want a poster that looks like it’s drawn by Moebius, you should email Moebius, you should not email Mort Walker or Charles Schultz and tell them to draw like Moebius. Pick your illustrator by the style he does, do not expect him/her to do every style ever. That was always my main gripe as a dj too. Pick the club that plays music that you like, do not go to a random club and expect them to play your favourites.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m thinking of learning another profession and quitting graphic design / illustration all together.


That´s basically why I quit DJing. A passion for about 20 years ruined by people who don´t give a damn about music and see the DJ only as a service provider that has to please them since they paid for the entrance.

And I hope by saying “quitting graphic design/illustration all together” you just mean quit doing comission work? I always wanted to do some lettering for comics but never got into it nor had the connections for it.


Drawing has been my pretty much go-to artform since being a child. For some reason it‘s only line-drawing.
Had a longer phase several years ago where I was sitting in cafés and drawing people. I tried to capture them without any sketches, get the first try right, move on. This taught me a lot about feeling form and motion, but it was too stressful (?), creativity wise.
But I picked up this flow-ish concept and started doing water pictures.


I‘m having great fun, on average it‘s one picture like that every second day for three or four years. It‘s nice to explore a concept like this, it started out with only the water, but slowly things like rocks or mist begin to emerge by themselves, without much thought. Lately I‘ve been playing with light/shadows a lot.


Yeah that’s a shame

I understand you as an illustrator in the arts of graphic design and communication, it’s a bit like a poet in literature. And I’m DJ since the age of 18 so there’s so much part I can relate.

For the communication part, I think that the “agency” model has the advantage of proposing a complementary team in terms of specificities "whereas the person who works on his own account must succeed over time to flesh out his specificities to fill the gap number and more must be a good salesperson to sell. It is extremely difficult and tiring.

For the dj producer part but this also applies to graphic designer … The big problem is the relationship between artistic work, payment and feedback. The only good method is to produce without expecting anything in return. Always move on and not observe or wait for what can “happen” in return. You always have to keep going and be in a production logic. It is very complicated when you spend a lot of time on something not observing how it is received, taking this breathing time is human. However, you must not allow yourself to protect yourself.

All artistic activities have the complexity of having to manage the time-money couple. The ideal for the artistic work in itself is no compromise and a true work of the mind, unfortunately when one seeks to sell it it is one’s soul to the devil that one can sell.

Despite everything i think that all the people who evolve in this way are extremely strong, because not everyone could withstand years faced with all this. Of course you have to put into perspective what I say there is always more difficult in other countries or the report to health. The main thing is to keep your own balance balanced


This is the album cover for my latest release. I found a facebook photo of myself and used it as reference photo. I painted myself sloppily on cheap watercolor paper using gouache, then cut it out and placed it over a huge digitakt also sloppily painted using gouache. I ran out of pre-mixed color halfway through coloring the Digitakt, hence the very uneven shades of blue-grey in the background.


Never got around to getting a good photo of me and the little dog so I decided to make one


Something I did for an upcoming ceramics show

Digitakt and turtle drawing

And a goblin in a planter


Proof? :slight_smile:

Yeah its always a bit of a shame, as they say if you give the client 3 things to pick from they will always pick the worst one… I usually try to be pretty forward with people and say “hey I am going to do this in my style” but its also not my full time gig so I don’t need the work necessarily. I feel like people like to claim they want to let the artist do there thing because it ends up with the best results, all the way up until they actually are in the position to pay an artist to do work for them. Always loved that old rubber hose style.

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Sure, why not.

Although this is the farthest I’m willing to go, there’s also some frequent diary entries inbetween the water, I’m not showing you that.


Made this little bat tattoo a week or so ago, doodled the skull thingy in between appointments one day.




I went to school for art with an emphasis in experimental video and sculpture, but after school I had an existential crisis and didn’t want to be the type of artist my school was pushing for (i.e. a gallery artist that has to pander to the art market and the rich elite) so I pulled away from the art world. I still make art secretly, but my main artistic output (besides creating my own music) has been through my job. I work at an art program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, where I started our digital media department. My department mainly focuses on video and sound/music creation, which is usually made while we’re out exploring our community. Most of our content is created using various iPad apps, and everything is made by our artists (with a little bit of technical help from me). Given the nature of our working environment, a lot of the content is made quickly and haphazardly. I think it gives it a certain kind of charm that verges on being avant-garde. If you’re at all interested, check out this link to our ig account. There’s a lot to explore!


so I animate, and kinda draw. I’m not gonna post that stuff…
but my girl does sculpture, I help make the molds, and I do the casting. so Im KINDA involved with this…




Some shits…


Beautiful sketches

I’ve been practicing photography more or less full-time for the past ten years, mostly landscapes. Even though photography is my greatest passion I find it really difficult to articulate what exactly I’m trying to say with it. Kind of like describing music with words.

Here are two pictures from Oslo. More on my website if you’re interested.