Portable Battery to Power Elektron


As a middle of Indiana or something resident, I can confirm this!


One can also check PSU-2 (OT/MM/MD) and PSU-3 (AR/A4K) specs :


Lol, glad to hear from the expert! :grin:


So I’ve been bouncing around the amazing country of Germany for the past two weeks and I couldn’t bare to leave my RYTM back in the States. I read every thread on here but had no luck finding a solid recommendation for a battery that didn’t cost at least $100 ( or a lot more).

Well, I took a leap of faith on the following and couldn’t be happier:

On a full charge, I,ve played over 3-4 hours and apparently only used about half of it’s juice. On top of that, you can also power a 9V device (MicroGranny 2.4 for me) and a USB device (juicing my iPad) at the same time, although I didn’t bring those along to test the batteries longevity running all three (also you will need to purchase another cable like the one included separately for the 9V).

This has been a game changer for me!
For the record, the first battery they sent was giving me some issues staying fully charged so they immediately sent me out a replacement which has been working perfectly.

The only bad side is I’ve nearly missed several of my stops on the Bahn because my eyes were glued to my black box :sunglasses:


Been looking for a battery pack that works with the RYTM thats available in the UK for a while. Thanks!! :grin:


OT is 6v, as the silvers’ are. The battery you propose doesn’t propose less than 9v ?

Do I miss something ?



What is available that fits for the Rytm or A4 in EU? Amazon won’t deliver to Sweden …


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Maybe this…



I just found this on my FB feed and plan on picking one up. I am in no way related to these guys, but this might be the answer some of us MD/MnM users have been looking for!


thanks for pointing this out. i have signed up!


Awesome! I’m super pumped.


Will the omnicharge work with the Octatrack?


If I’m reading all the info on their page correctly, it should basically power anything that you plug into a wall.


I asked about using the OmniCharge with synths and this was the response I got:

“Hi Julian, Yes Omnicharge Pro can work as a wall outlet BUT with maximum 100W power output; also note our AC output uses a modified sine wave which support most common electronic charging such as your laptops etc. We recommend that you read the technical specification of your synthesizers and drum machines to learn if their rated power consumption exceed our 100W limit and double confirm with the manufacturer to find out if modified sine wave will work with your device. Best, Team Omnicharge”

I remember reading on one of these posts about the modified sine-wave not being good for gear. Also, I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand the 100w thing. Is that enough for the MD/MnM?

If this isn’t gonna work, I wanna cancel my funding.


I have the lifepower battery which uses the same principle and uses a modified sinewave too. Also 100w maximum. It works like a charm with Elektron boxes.


One of the greatest landscapes I’ve ever seen! :wink:



works several hours with 3 connected elektron devices and a normal EU power plug.


Did anyone already tried this one?