Portable Battery to Power Elektron


Slightly related. Constructed a boombox which provides power for any external devices. Amplifier uses 12v, but Drok voltage regulator converts it to 6v for machinedrum. There is also usb power for any device and a 4 channel mono mixer for park jamming! :slight_smile:


Awesome !!!


Wouaow, admirable !
My dream.


@Lukree Mind sharing some details/pointers on the DIY thread, please ?
This is just sooo what I need ! You rule mate !



Will post some details once I got a minute. Currently going to a summer cottage with friends to test the damn thing! :slight_smile:


Could this work, just plug your PSU in.



85W won’t produce enough amps for the PSU.


This thread feels somewhat deadlocked for MD / MM / OT owners.

Does anyone have a one-piece portable battery solution that they are actively using to power MD or MM or OT ?
Something that can copy with the 6V/3A requirements of their respective PSUs ?


which 3 Elektrons?


Google omnicharge pro


i use tbe xtorm it with OT, MnM and MD. i have used it just a couple of times, but it works very well.


How many hours could you run a device on, did you find a way to power more than one device at a time?


The other poster seems to have tried it successfully. I would have thought 230AC and 65 watts would be sufficient but not sure how long it would power the device. 230 volts divide 65 watts equals 3.5 amps.


I’ve been using a pure sine wave inverter and 12v 7AH battery with my OT. Not as portable, but fine to sling in my bicycle panniers and go off into the woods / along the coast. Will last for days and will happily run anything 240v too.


i tested it with all 3 devices running and after ca. 2h the battery was still 2/3 charged.


That’s cool man. surprised it can run all three at once.


Thanks for posting.

Sadly, I cannot find one for sale in the states. :frowning:


Its an EU thing.


Yet these 65W Xtorm batteries are doing the job.


I think I will try a ChargeTech. I can always send it back to Amazon if it doesn’t pan out.


I definitely want to know how that goes! I’m feeling the states pain!