Polyend Tracker

Not walls. To clarify.

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Tracker in a box?

Everything old is new again.

You could als grab an Amiga. Or better, sync two of ’em up.

lmao infamous

Just noticed this on polyend website:grinning:


Looks nice.


They’re labelling it stand alone audio workstation.

Like they read my goddam mind.

Now, where’s tham specs?


Guess for price? £999?

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Holy sh*t

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Where are the encoders or knobs though? :frowning:

(my pet peeve with Launchpads)

Edit: I’m sure I can just hook up a Launch Control XL like I do with everything else. Or maybe a PC-12, which has been on my radar since forever.


dayum :cowboy_hat_face:

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This is so awesome!

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Sounds about right.

I’m gonna go for 1299Euro, just to make it interesting.

I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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Or maybe feel expensive but not be. With money it’s all relative, so i don’t know your gauge of very expensive.

Just out of interest i priced 7" diagonal color tft displays at Digikey in quantity 1, with 800x480, or 1024x600 resolutions, and the part is under $100. The rest of the parts will be less than the Medusa (take out all the analog stuff in the Medusa) which now sells new for $800. So think a processor like in the Raspberry Pi and the audio parts, and UI controls, which again are less than the Medusa. So i think $800 is a reasonable guestimate, based on the very little we know now.


I know, right? I felt a bit letdown by Elektron’s all singing and dancing claymation stuff, so this feels like someone gave me back Christmas.


I’m gonna hope… 699 European beans :sweat_smile:

something tells me I’m undershooting somewhat


Here’s hoping, mate. Let’s hold and hands and wish that this is so.


That looks sweet. Take my money

Gorgeous also - btw