Polyend Play

Not wanting to hijack this thread, but I really don’t know, why anybody hasn’t taken that concept and put it in a better package…


This is my guess, a sequencer with a lot of per-step controls on the knobs. I don’t think there are enough (non-sequencer) buttons for anything else. Also, a second groovebox with a completely different architecture would be an odd addition to their small product line.

Looks interesting. Looks like a more desktop friendly version of their Seq. I hope it has some Medusa magic in their though.

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And why not a FM focused groovebox ? A kind of multitimbral Medusa without the analog part, but with 4 OPs FM with feedback and wavetables. With unlimited patterns (the biggest weakness on the Medusa in my opinion).

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Just a reminder to the speculators … early on, someone with (apparently) knowledge of the device said:

And looks like there no audio out in the video (seems midi in/out and power only ) while Piotrek is messing with it ! So my 2 cents > is it’s a new sequencer.
Edit > wrong, you guys are right there’s audio out I thought It was a midi breakout cable (:see_no_evil:

Actually, the sequencer’s the best part of the Deluge. And Polyend’s Seq had some interesting stuff going for it, so this would make total sense.

Deluge’s blessing and curse is the fact that they seem to develop what Rohan Hill wants to develop, which sometimes creates a somewhat incoherent instrument. It still seems based on the whim of Hill’s wants, which I think is fine, actually, since Deluge was always a passion project of his that just turned into a business.

But taking pole position here with a more coherent product is probably not a bad idea.

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There is audio out on the device, we can clearly see a stereo 3,5 jack / double mono 6,35 jack adaptator.
Capture d’écran 2022-01-04 à 10.39.00
What makes me think there will be FM in there is the last Medusa Update. They added FM that nobody wanted but miss all the things that people wanted (wavetable import, a true sequencer with different patterns per preset, etc…) and just after, they announced the end of the product. For me, it’s hard to believe they created an FM engine just for an abandoned synth. It’s make no sense. Just my opinion.


Phew! There is audio out. :sweat_smile:


There is audio on the Instagram story, anyone got thoughts on it ?
Fm , samples , is it sequencing the daw ( no internal audio )?

Maybe it’s a 4 track tracker with a focus on performance ( hence all those buttons and no need to have big screen )

I’m going to guess
£350 price point
Announced within next 3 months (q1 2022)
Usb powered / usb midi
Compliments tracker.


Maybe something like the OXI One (sequencer etc)
OXI Instruments | ONE, the new ALL IN ONE Sequencer and Performer


That could be CV/gate out. Alot of stuff have cv/gate out on 3.5mm trs jacks.


but then it means that it has no MIDI, as there is only power and one jack, so it kinda doesn’t make sense. I kinda want it to be another sampling groovebox, but then it means it doesn’t have audio in lol.

edit: in the very first photo it looks like it might actually have another jack, so you might be right, but also my wish can also be true.

If you look on the first picture. You see holes on the sides of the unit, which would indicate that will be some additional connections there

The unit in the first picture and second picture/ig story might be different.

The buttons are different colours and have knob caps in the second leak. This might just be cosmetic but could also be a second prototype with different design.

We also can’t see the back panel on the second so there could be many connections but we only see two wires out.

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Looks just like the mockup image I have in my Photos folder…:stuck_out_tongue:


A Reddit user (u/limbicbits) shared the picture and the video below of what appears to be a new gear from Polyend.


Certainly enough to pique my curiosity. I couldn’t quite gel with the only-got-one-knob Tracker but I thought it had a great concept/price/form and I’m all for some new dinky grooveboxes!

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so unless it is sequencing something on laptop, it’s not just a sequencer then, yay!

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