Poly Effects Beebo (was Digit and Morph)

These two pedals were brought up in the Zoia thread on another forum, by an ambitious muso who wants to build a pedalboard with them and the Zoia too for the ultimate compact monster digital processing pedal rig… or something.

They also make a foot controller called Expressive which looks like a giant touchscreen for your feet.


I realize this thread is a year old, but I thought it might be better not to clutter up the place with a new one. :smiley:

I got one of these the other day, and after putting the new firmware on, I find it pretty incredible.

Pre-update there were a few fiddly things with the UI, but the latest FW fixed all of them.

It sounds really nice. I couldn’t find any videos in a synth-context. Just guitar, so I wasn’t sure what I’d think. I really just liked the specs and the look of it. I’m very impressed with it so far. Lots of nice effects, simulations, modulators, etc. It’s like having a micro Reaktor setup in a little pink box. :smiley:

I wasn’t sure about the touch screen at first, but it works quite well, and is very responsive (especially after the FW update).

Anyway, if anyone is curious about these, here’s one happy customer.

One thing to note. It does not come with the 9V negative-center power supply required. That wasn’t mentioned where I bought it. I’m not a huge pedal guy, so maybe this is a common practice in that arena. (I’m guessing because many people won’t need it, especially in the guitar-world.)


I’m interested in getting one of these. I’ve been playing a lot with my Subharmonicon, and find that it really needs some effects to open it up. I’ve been eyeing a Poly Effects pedal to do this.

I really only want something that does a reasonable job at reverb, delay, and (gentle, warming) distortion. The Beebo/Digit look like a good solution to that, plus a lot more. Using convolution reverb based on samples sounds very interesting to me, and it seems almost trivial to do – just load up a sample on a USB drive and off you go.

@J3RK seems to think the units sound good. Anybody else have an opinion?

Also, another video mentioned that the Beebo and Digit are identical, that you can just swap out the firmware of the pink or blue units and get the other one. Sounds almost too good to be true. Anybody have any experience with this?

Benn shows how you do it at about 17 mins - seems super straightforward.

Agreed, I’ve been using my A4’s FX for this which work pretty well. I’m kind of GASsing for this though!

Just to follow up with my own question, I see now that it states in the specs on the web page that this is possible. Who knew reading could provide so much information?

Also, I pre-ordered one from Perfect Circuit. I’ll post some opinions on sound when the unit arrives, hopefully sometime in September. For now, Red means recording has a review that is more focused on synths (instead of guitars like most of the other reviews I have found), and he seems to really like it.

I’m 5 days out from my quoted shipping date, so 5 days plus however long it takes to ship from Aus to the pacific US. I’ll be damned if I haven’t watched every beebo/digit video out there ten times in the last month while waiting for this thing.
As per usual, Red Means Recording vid definitely covers it best.

I was close to grabbing an Empress Zoia, but as can sometimes happen, unexpected rabbit holes appear on such paths. The world of pedals is immense. Been researching the Beebo and Digit for the last week. Seeing a lot of potential. A lot.

4 inputs and outputs. Midi. Convolution. Granular. Synthesis. Cabinet emulation. Drums. Mutable Instruments ports. Modularity+. Interface. Quality of sound. Made locally. Dedicated firmware updated in the same spirit as the Deluge. I even saw a comment from Loki that the USB port could act as a midi host (power notwithstanding).

Tempted to call them modern day Ensoniq DP4’s or mini Eventide 9000s. Time will tell. I am picking up two tomorrow. First tests will include setting up both combined as an 8 channel fx processor for Machinedrum &/or Rytm individual outs. Other ideas include one Digit/Beebo per Nord Rack 2 & 3 each processing 4 individual outputs. Another possibility includes using as mini mixers with side chaining and compression abilities. Conversely as signal splitters. Or both at the same time. Most of the videos are guitar slanted but I hope to share some examples in more of an electronic music setting.


I´m on alert for when the pedal arrives at the German distributor. Been eyeing either the Zoia, Line6 HX Stomp or the Mod Duo as an multi effect pedal (the H9 is great but not really ideal for creating own effects and the algorithms are expensive when you want a decent amount of choice) but then saw the Digit/Beebo and Benn Jordan´s video on it and was impressed. While the Zoia is pretty attractive as well the visual feedback on the touchscreen makes a lot more sense to me.

The Mod Duo is also great but way too expensive for my taste and relies on a computer to create patches. The Dwarf isn´t out yet and is on Kickstarter only so far.

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Yes the visual patching seems a lot more logical on first blush with the Poly Effects. Zoia still looks amazing but more practise / muscle memory vibes. The Mod Duo X looks great and has a touch of Elektron about it. Definitely on the radar.

I have a Poly Digit on order and my mind is already racing with the potential of things that I could do with it, but i I didn’t know this! if true this would add a ton of new possibilities…

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Yeah it was somewhere on that sprawling thegearpage.net thread. Will email Loki regarding anyhow, as this unit will really thrive with external midi control.

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Waiting on the Digit and the mod duo x to arrive

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That looks awesome, wish i could afford one! Just bought a Zoom MS-70 CDR tho which can do pretty much the same thing.

The firmware is interchangeable between Digit and Beebo.

What is the difference between Beebo and Digit?

Physically only the colour. Inside they are the same hardware. You can switch firmware between the two by pressing Switch to Beebo / Digit in settings.

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the developer Loki has posted on the Poly FX Facebook page that the Digit/Beebo is getting a Euclidean sequencer and a looper at some point next year :star_struck:


yeah have my Beebo Im really enjoy it

Digit and Beebo are now usable at the same time with the latest firmware. Excellent!


Really looking forward to that looper. Beebo may cost a bit but it’s practically making me money with the amount of pedals and eurorack modules I’ve been able to offload because of it. And more importantly it sounds fantastic.

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really nice