Pointless and stupid bits of kit you never use but haven't ever quite got rid of


Great idea! I’d be happy to swap my broken Pocket Operator for @wickfut’s useless AR MkII.


How would I sync up my x0xb0x if I did that?


Oh man yes… i used to have a box full of mystery power adaptors…guess where it ended…

It probably ended with you throwing them away and then later wondering where the charger went to your electric toothbrush and network switch, like I did.


I’ll figure out something. Sweeten the deal for you. :grinning:


I love this forum, people are so generous.


And stupid (in a good way).

Stupid = Funny

Actually …,it was that Aiwa Minidisc Player from 2001 that suddenly had no power adapter…when I tried to sell that, 15 years later.


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White elephant gift exchange! I’d get stuck with the fat sack of ground loop isolation tabs.


exact same over here. I’ll occasionally run my shruthi through it just to clip the hell out of the signal and that’s about it.

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Bought an Undead Instruments Timefrog 3 about 6 or 7 years ago for about 330 quid I think. The manual is “vague” at best, “utter nonsense” is a more accurate description. Tried several times to get my head round it. Reached out to the inventor and a couple of fellow 'nauts, still had not a clue! Has sat in it’s box ever since…
I’ll give it another look this weekend with a older pair of eyes… If not, into the Secret Santa of Shit not used it goes!

A number of us are nerds so chances are good some of you will recognize these studio staples. :rofl:

That’s a Powerbook 165, by the way.


I have a PATCHULATOR 8000 that’s never left the box.


An Akai S2800 sampler. I have it for kinda 30 yrs and it has seen at least 5 different closets in 5 different apartments while being used like 25 yrs ago for the last time.
Would not exactly call it junk- especially considering what I have paid for it and all the accessoiries back in time- but I am 100% sure that I will never ever use it again.


I have a Shbobo Shnth collecting dust somewhere… I’m not smart enough to understand the esoteric interface but I can’t bring myself to sell it as I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford another Peter Blasser Instrument :frowning:

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I’ve got one too. Using it twice was enough to appreciate its essential genius and yet also never to feel bothered to unbox it again. Cool name though.

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ROLAND VP 03 and A01.

Been finding a bunch of relatively high end hifi equipment on my walks lately and even though I have no use for them I can never turn them down. Have a full Adcom system now in the corner of my room and a set of custom midfield speakers (+ a couple more sets in a closet) that could probably fund some fun stuff but would be a nightmare to ship.

For now the only use I’m getting out of them are as the worlds most expensive computer monitor stand and speaker stands. Been toying with using some of the speakers as a B pair but I’m already using all of the audio outputs on my soundcard.

A BCR2000 with a bunch of fucked up leds and missing power button.

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