Pocket operator modular system


Well you can put the output of each VCO into the mixer.


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Mixers for audio and CV are one of my favorite boring modules. They open up a world of patching discovery. :smile:


Baseck! Cuckoo!


As per usual Baseck made me want a piece of gear.
Personally I don’t find a modular monophonic voice that interesting - it’s mostly Makenoise that attracts me to modular.


Judging by the naming conventions of these,
I wonder what will sit between the 170 and 400?
a 3 osc skiff 300
2 osc 170 with no keyboard 200


Filter sounds great, and the VCOs seem to have very nice modulation response, the envelope seems to have a nice snappy attack. Can’t wait to get mine.


I was kind of hoping the sound would be a little bit whatever, but no. Of course not. It sounds great. The 400 is such a well thought out system.

I do hope when individual modules become available it will be possible to buy face plates in 2U, preferably in sheet metal.


eBay opportunist jagoffs already at it-


pff what a fucking world we live in, like that OP1 for 28000dollar pff


Funny how he does that, eh? :slight_smile:


Oh dear, some a$$holes out there for sure.

Some guy on ebay UK bought an OP-Z just to flip it for £100 more than he paid once they sold out, but it was very funny to see UK dealers quickly getting new stock whilst his listing was still active, so £529 with free shipping is the current new price, the dumba$$ isn’t giving up though and graciously reduced his to £560 + £10 shipping, I think he’ll be holding on to it for a while…


That’s Tom Dixon retail store in Coal Drops Yard, TE have had the pop up there since December showing the OPZ for design week or something or other.


Street price in Sweden is 5000 SEK / 420£ at the moment. I’ve seen 3-4 listings so far.
(There’s btw a certain Elektron employee trying to sell one on FB at the moment…gossip)


You get one Square module with three simultaneous outputs.
You get one Saw module with three simultaneous outputs.
You get one Sine module with three simultaneous outputs.

Add them up and that makes nine simultaneous outputs which you can patch any way you like, because it’s a full modular system.

The Behringer Neutron, for example, is a semi-modular. There are two Oscs with various waveforms, but only one audio output per oscillator is available for patching at a time. It is what it is, but for some people it may be the right choice for them.

The 400 sells for $500 and contains 14 modules, which averages to a whopping $35.7 per module. Oh, it also includes a sturdy sheet metal enclosure, patch cables, etc. and can run on batteries.


Yes, but to be able to play them simultaneously, you need a keyboard with three simultaneous outputs.

I wouldn’t call the enclosure sturdy. Check the video where cuckoo plays with it for example. The casing doesn’t stay in place when patching chords etc…


This is true.
I reckon most folks will just use the onboard sequencer, which has three outputs, however.

What is the point in arguing about all of this?


This is a forum for discussion. What should we do here if not discuss?


Also true, just seems like a lot of back and forth and tit for tat, posts flagged, posts deleted, all on this one issue dominating the thread lately.
And for what? To prove that this thing costs more than another different thing?

I have no dog in this fight, only an observer.

Anyway, I think those who want the 3 OSC mono sound can achieve it with the help of the onboard sequence and being deliberate with their patching, and those who want to spend less will find other options. No one is wrong here.


Keep in mind also that you can use something like the A4 to drive it, and you can also for example use the VCOs for duties other than melodic, a simple example might be to use the envelope into the sine CV in for drum sounds etc.