Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


Yeah, there are ways to make it work - but still, you only get one square, one saw and one sine. I actually almost preordered this but luckily it sold out as it is beginning to seem too limited to me. Better to save this money for proper eurorack modular.

Behringer system 100 with some Make noise modules to spice it up would make a pretty epic setup and I don’t think I would miss this…


Yeah agreed. But I guess this isn’t trying to compete with that kind of rack. More of a basic ‘dip your toes’ rack. I think a lot of people will buy one and outgrow it quickly then move in to Euro. Probably help boost the overall scene and economy.


It’s not always about the specs, it’s about Lego™ connections. Playtime!


I wish I had time for Lego :frowning:

Can definitely see the appeal of this. This one’s not for me but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m buying something modular from TE some point in future. Interested to see where it goes.


I pre-ordered one yet I still have both Roland/Euro and Bugbrand modulars, as well as some semi-modulars, and I pre-ordered the Volca modular too - why? Well because aside from the 400 being portable it functions nicely as a little self contained system with the inherent limitations that go along with that (which in themself can be inspiring, think ingenuity/problem solving/making do) but also because of cross patching with my other systems and gear.

The Behringer Roland Bystem100 clones are not for me, mainly because of my dislike for Behringer as a company, I won’t pass judgment on them until they actually exist but there is every chance that they will make some people happy, cool. I also see though that a large chunk of the cost of getting modules to the market has been sidestepped by Behringer - namely R&D - because they are just cloning Rolands original schematics and overall design, so comparing the cost of the Behringer modules to the TE modules isn’t a fair comparison and of course they are wildly different products, with different target markets.

The TE offering sure is quirky, but then most of their stuff is, some people don’t click with that, cool.

In some of the NAMM videos Tobias from TE said the individual modules will be priced between $29 and $100 which is pretty affordable for youngsters, they won’t come with face plates but they provide all the documents to allow people to make their own, I wonder and look forward to see what people do with them.


Because you buy any toy they release :slight_smile:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I like toys too, but let’s not pretend anyone needs this.


If I had more money and space I’d grab one for sure. Killer design and competitively priced. I’m short on both though so I need to run my brain through the GAS Assault Course when this kind of stuff shows up :wink:


All gear is far up the hill IMHO.

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yeah as decoration next to an old Reel to Reel!


Some artists use reel2reel in live performances, still in 2019!


of course love Hainbach’s tape excursions


Actually I don’t buy any toy they release, I didn’t fancy the 16 keyboard or the 170 because they were not that useful to me, so I do have a little bit of self control :wink:

Yeah definitely don’t need any of them either though, however we all know the inspiration a new toy can bring, at the same time like most synth lovers GAS is a constant battle (spoiler alert the odds are against us!) I think the 400 will be useful to me, and it is mainly because of the neat self contained and portable package.

But see I also love to grab a few or sometimes just one bit of gear, set up on the dining table and have a little jam or recording session, away from my main setup, without being in the mindset of “working in the studio” and the freedom just to mess about and see where I end up.

And I think that finally manufacturers in the last 7 or so years are waking up to this idea, so we see a nice choice of battery powered, capable “but not the be all and end all” instruments - the bongos, harmonicas, acoustic guitar kind of concept for the electronic musician if you will.

So yeah, Volca’s, Pocket Operators, and these “toys” are always of interest to me, if I find them interesting/useful - I didn’t get the Volca kick or the PO32 as they didn’t interest me enough to buy.

I think that doesn’t make me a collector :wink: As you say not that there is anything wrong in that anyway :thup:


Also to be doubly fair you make some cracking tunes with your gear!


Thank you, it is very kind to say that :blush:


Well you can put the output of each VCO into the mixer.


Mixers for audio and CV are one of my favorite boring modules. They open up a world of patching discovery. :smile:


Baseck! Cuckoo!


As per usual Baseck made me want a piece of gear.
Personally I don’t find a modular monophonic voice that interesting - it’s mostly Makenoise that attracts me to modular.


Judging by the naming conventions of these,
I wonder what will sit between the 170 and 400?
a 3 osc skiff 300
2 osc 170 with no keyboard 200


Filter sounds great, and the VCOs seem to have very nice modulation response, the envelope seems to have a nice snappy attack. Can’t wait to get mine.