This past year or so I’ve been building up my hardware at a much faster rate than usual. As such I’ve been kind of tunnel visioned on Jamming, hardware, live (DAWless🤦🤦). As such actual production and mixing tracks down has grinded to a halt.

In addition to this a hard drive failure early in the year forced me to “upgrade” to Logic X and alot of my third party plugins became un useable.

Does anyone have any plugins they could suggest / swear by when producing ?. I intend to sit just with the computer and monitors and caver something out of the many recordings I made and files away without switching on any drum machines, synths or samplers so any plugins or general advice for re applying myself to DAW world would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I swear by :

  • Valhalla Vintage Room : my goto reverb - tracks and master
  • MJUC compressor : Nice tube compressor - tracks and master
  • Native instruments replika : A ( good ) delay imho - tracks
  • Elysia Phil’s Cascade : My sat/harmonics enhnacing plugin- tracks and master
  • BX console N : Channel strip with everything needed. - tracks and master
  • Fabfilter pro q : When eqing needs complex sculpting - tracks
  • Bx control : mono/stereo tool - tracks
  • Hy plugins : Flexibles with integrated mod system ( seq, delays,filter etc… ) - tracks
  • All Unfiltered Audio : when making anything unrecognizable is an option ! - tracks

They all make it to everything I do ! :slight_smile:

I’m eyeing acustica Taupe atm but i’m waiting for a good promo…:slight_smile:


All of the Valhalla plugs and Soundtoys, ozone for mastering, I probably don’t really need much else.

Logic has some excellent plugins built in by the way (I like Alchemy, Step FX, chromaverb, and the compressor)


after using hundreds of different single plugins, i stripped them down to 3 manufacturers.

  • fabfilter to clean things up
  • soundtoys to make it dirty again :slight_smile:
  • hofa reverb 2 for getting space and depth
  • hofa analyzer: to compare mixes

Valhalla + Goodhertz plugins are my go-tos.

Ghz Tupe is my favorite plugin atm… really breathes life into sounds and mixes.


I decided to totally refresh my plugin game recently, got up-to-date stuff to replace some real old shit.

I got a PluginAlliance subscription… And I’d HIGHLY recommend!! Great value, and you get your subs back in vouchers to buy the plugins you like. Ignore the full plugin prices, they’re always doing massive discount sales.

The quality and variety is amazing, so you can figure out which ones you like and use regularly.

The ones I’ve ended up using a lot:
Lindell 80 channel strip
Amek EQ200
BX Digital V3
Vertigo VSM-3
Black box HG-2
Shadow Hills Class A
Acme Opticom
Elysia Alpha
Unfiltered Triad

There’s a bunch of great free stuff around too! I can do a list when I open Logic later :+1::+1:


i use a lot of plugins, so these are the ones i use the most …

  • soundtoys bundle – echoboy, decap, panman, little plate get used the most, but i use them all
  • pro q3, bx 2098 eq
  • modnetic/diffuse
  • unfiltered audio for sound design (literally all of them)
  • novatron is my go to compressor
  • softube tape
  • bx masterdesk in the premaster chain
  • metric ab for referencing
  • synths: diva, lion, bx oberhausen, abl3, pigments
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Many of the stock Ableton effects sound good enough for me, so I don’t really use that many plugins. The ones I do use:

  • Soundtoys Decapitator & Echoboy (on guitars and synths)
  • XLN RC-20
  • Eventide SP 2016 reverb
  • Sausage Fattener (especially on bass)
  • Goodhertz Midside
  • Some Ozone on the master
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I really like the Tokyo Dawn Records EQ plugs, Nova and SlickEQ GE/M. Easy on the wallet and well supported.

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MeldaProduction plugins are really solid. Check out their free bundle.

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My favourite plugin is Neutron from izotope. Sounds really good but even more important to me is how convenient and fast it is to work with

These are reached for most often:

  • BX_Digital v3 - cleanest EQ I’ve used. An absolute workhorse
  • Fabfilter Pro Q3 when it needs to be surgical
  • Fabfilter Pro L2
  • Fabfilter Saturn 2
  • Softube Trident A-Range
  • Softube Tubetec Comp/EQ
  • DDMF Magic Death Eye (both versions) <3 <3 <3
  • Xfer LFO Tool
  • Izotope Insight

Synths are really to taste but I usually grab these:

  • Reveal Spire
  • Dune 3
  • Serum and/or Ableton Wavetable
  • Operator

EDIT: U-he Repro is really really good :slight_smile:

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I was just looking at the Soundforce controllers for it again. Did not know they had a function that sends all values of the physical controls to the plug-in at once for 1:1 parity, like the old Roland PG-800’s “manual” button.

It’s a very tempting setup if you’re already using a somewhat fast computer for sequencing and such.

To the OP:

TAL Chorus LX is free and makes everything sound better.
NI’s Raum is a seriously good and varied reverb that adds no latency and isn’t a total resource hog. Still worth the $49 if you missed out on it as a free x-mas gift years ago.


I personally don’t like that Tal chorus…

But NI’s Raum is great! I love that one! I got it for about £15 around Dec / Jan I think.

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I have to use it in a very specific way. Mode 1 only, about 15-20% wet. Width to taste. Has made several of my more dull synth bits perk up with life.


Others to add to my PluginAlliance recs:

  • ADPTR Metric AB or Streamliner for end of the chain metering and track comparisons
  • Townhouse Compressor, I don’t rave about it like many do for general use, but for me it really shines on sidechain duties. Very musical
  • Elysia Nvelope, can be really handy!

A few other tips:

  • Sonnox make good stuff, I’ve got their Limiter and also the Inflator. Both are spendy but great for fattening / loudness etc.
  • Audiothing Type A or Slate Fresh Air are good for high end, the latter was free IIRC
  • Tape Cassette 2 was also free I think, and is fun for a bit of lofi
  • Backmask, Mishby and Dumpster Fire are free / donation… fun for weirdness and lofi etc!
  • illformed Glitch 2 is pricey but entertaining
  • Raum as Adamjay said, is really good
  • Seventh Heaven reverb (I have the light version) is super smooth and rather nice
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Good tip, always super helpful to hear settings :raised_hands:


I’ve used many plug ins over the years, and find myself always pulling the same few up.

Ohmnicide is just a world apart from any other mangler. It’s sort of cryptic at first, but damn does it make everything you throw at it scream in agony, the good kind.

As stated, Raum is one of my favorite reverb. I’ve used many that were 4 to 5 times more expensive, and although those were really great quality, something about them just didn’t feel right, perhaps they did too good of a job of creating open space, and they also presented way too many options that can bog you down. Raum on the other hand gets right to it. It has a lush, wonderful sound to it, and has just the right amount of parameters to get to where you want, without bogging you down.

Synth wise, Omnisphere is an obvious desert island option, and I love it very much, butttt lately I’ve been diving deeper into U-HE’s great Hive, and amazing Zebra. Let me start by saying that you could go with any single one of U-HEs offerings and be good. I recommend all of it, especially Repro and Diva. As I said, lately I’ve been diving into the more intricate aspects of sound design and both Hive and Zebra really provide you with a near limitless amount of sound sculpting options. Zebra very much feels like a structured modular environment as you can route vcos and modulators where ever, and customize the shapes of all waveforms. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular amongst professional sound design artist, and movie soundtrack creators. Hive is perhaps a little bit more streamlined version of Zebra, with additionally euro rackesque modulation influences added. They all sound so damn good, and there have been a few sound shootouts between UHE products and analog instruments.

Soundtoys rack is another great addition to any library, and you can tell they spent a lot of time programming their tools to be as close to hardware as they could possibly make them. I just love the fact that their filter self oscillates if you turn the resonance all the way up, just like many analog filters. Great sound, and also doesn’t affect your CPU too much.

When you take into account the user library offerings, and all the absolute awesome options that provides, it’s hard not to get excited about Reaktor. If one had a powerful enough cpu, they could use just Reaktor for the entire music making process. It’s simply overwhelming the amount of free offerings that you can obtain for it. Additionally, Reaktor had been solid for over a decade, and many of its legacy programs are still work wonderfully today.

Just to rewind a second, U-HEs effects are superb as well. Satin is such a wonderfully executed saturation/tape emulator that I will often use on master or bus channels. I even throw it on some instrument channels to give it a little bit of added character. Presswerk is a really great compressor that’s also really musical in what it does. It doesn’t give you boring and sterilized compression, but rather can breathe added life into any channel you slap it on, I’ve seen MJUC mentioned above, which is also really similar and had a great sound to it. Color Copy is an awesome Bucket Brigade type of delay that allows for a ton of tweaking, and just sounds so good, and crazy enough, authentic. Finally Twangsteom is the most realistic, artificial spring reverb I’ve used or heard. It’s fantastic.

I could go on with a few more, such as Fab-Filters amazing set of options (that eq is the best), and Valhallas are more often than not in my tracks, but they’ve been covered.

I’d also say not to underestimate the free stuff. In recent years there has been quite a lot of quality free stuff provided, and which still continues to be free. One I use all the time is Pancake by Cableguys (another great vst company). It’s my favorite auto panner, and is down right simple to use and to get the results you want. Have a look at Computer Music/Electronic Musician magazine, as they offer a ton of free vsts for subscribers. Also their affiliate website has a link to tens of thousands free samples. Happy hunting.

Edit- I can’t believe I forgot one of the best free plugins ever released.
PaulXStretch does just what the title says. It stretches out wav files to insane amounts. On top of that it provides a long list of modifiers that will make any song, or sound into a drone of the highest order. Turn the sound of passing gas into a track Brian Eno could only have dreamed of making. Kidding of course…or am I?

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Just got taupe cause there is a nice promo @acustica. Sounds pretty awesome !

I just bought a bunch of synth plugins, one of them being Equator 2 after contemplating that purchase for a while. I own the original Equator and I thought it was just fine at best, barely used it at all. I decided to upgrade due to the current sale, was a bit of an impulse. Well, so far Equator 2 is really impressive for cinematic, atmospheric, epic pads and multi-textured sounds. The six engines are really nice for sound design, in particular the granular engine is great. Being a synth developed by Roli, the MPE implementation is really top notch as well and makes the plugin more interesting still.

Sound quality is very good, and – I dare not write this lol – there’s A LOT of presets and many of them are actually quite good and playable.

I’m much happier with this than I thought I would be lol.