Plogue ChipSynths

FM Nostalgica wanted and have it :smiley:

Also check Cuckoo’s review


Personally i like the sound much more than the Digitone. Controlling it with Push 2.

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Oh nice, thanks for the tip, really like the look of this.

Cool. I think the only thing Digitone really needs to get these types of sounds is some sort of algorithm to make the operators more lo-fi. The master overdrive does a good job of emulating old-school DACs to a degree.


Yeah- this thing is pretty cool. Only $30 bucks- worth the risk, chipsounds is cool.

Hopefully this will guilt me into actually USING chipsounds more

I’m unsure if anyone else has been paying attention but the next in the series of ChipSynths is due to be released at the start of September this time it’s based on the Sega Megadrive (maybe the topic titled could be changed for ongoing discussion of all the ChipSynths???) and I’m pretty excited. PortaFM was pretty ace and this looks to be a pretty comprehensive 4op FM that just so happens to be a great rendition of the Megadrive. Apparently you’ll also be able to use RYMCast to extract any of the instruments from Megadrive’s games and they can be imported too.

Anyway, here is a link to some example sounds - - I wonder if Rubber Cement is a wee nod to Errorsmith.


Pretty amusing that a Yamaha PSS VST costs about the same as an actual Yamaha PSS-470. I bought 3 of those synths at auction for under $40 each this past year.

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That’s very exciting news. The Megadrive chipsynth has been the one I’ve been eagerly anticipating since the first announcement of these years ago. Of the video game console synthesis engines of my childhood, the Megadrive’s FM wasn’t always the prettiest, but it was usually the most interesting. I’ve grown to love it more than all the others and I think it has the most potential for modern use outside of video game and typical chiptune contexts. Those example sounds are fantastic!

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takes up a lot less studio space though :wink:

I am excited about the Megadrive one, sounds lovely! especially the sort of formant-y patch…

Totally agree about how nice the demo sounds are. I think pretty much all of Plogue’s stuff works well outside of a chiptune context. I’m absolutely 100% in the perfect age-range to get heavy nostalgia vibes for the sounds of his stuff but it doesn’t push those buttons at all for me. Yeah, I’ve fond memories of those times but it was playing the games rather than the sounds. It was probably the early 00’s when I was first getting into Raster Noton, Mille Plateaux etc and I was really enjoy stark digital tones that I first thought that the character of vintage digital sounds beautiful on it’s own terms and not because it’s attached to some slice of memorabilia.

So, yeah, I’m pretty excited for the MD version to come out.

The ChipSynth MD is out now and here more tech about this.

Yah, it sounds great! I was running one of its bass patches through the octatrack distortion and sounded sooo good.

Setup an old laptop and audio interface running CSMD as my didicated fm synth:-)