[Plane] How to carry 3 Elektron boxes?

i have a UDG Producer bag (large) which comfortably fits elektron rytm & octatrack, teenage engineering op-1, monome aleph & grid, eventide space, cables, power adapters/powerboard & headphones with a little space left.

elektron has the analog keys case which is designed to carry 3 elektron boxes

I’ve finally bought this one:

I think it can hold the 3 boxes + the 3 psu.

At least, I’ll have my Elektrons in cabin with me, that’s better. And a bag for the cables and midi stuff that will take place in my luggage, and not in cabin.

I’ll take pictures when I’ll receive it !

Thanks again for your help guys !! :slight_smile:

Could fit 2 Elektrons in there.

3, put them on the side.
a box is 34 x 18 x 7.

well, I hope it fits…

GM - 15 - TSA is OK !!



And there’s still room inside for the 3 psu I think !

Just remove the foam for the mics.

66€ on Amazon !


Cool find - thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you pad the machines a little bit - and does it close good?!

Yes, I have some foam to put inside, and yes, it closes just well :slight_smile:
Perfect !

As there is mention of the Pelican 1510 in this thread, I wanted to also mention a 1510 alternative that I have just discovered.

The HPRC 2550.

Comes in colors too!
It’s strangely smaller in the exterior, yet bigger in the interior dimensions?
This gives it 0.2" more in interior depth, 0.35" more in interior length, and 0.2" more in interior width than the 1510.
So that means (at least on paper, I haven’t bought one yet), you could put 3 Elektrons standing upright on the long front edge. You’ll have over half an inch for top of case cushion, and the same for bottom (with included foam) to hold the Elektrons upright in 3 slots (or even 4 with PL-2s)

4 Elektrons with PSUs, lawfully carried onto a plane? Yes please.

Sorry if this came across salesy, I just get excited when I find what appears to be the perfect solution that I’ve been hunting for.

I made this diagram to scale. This configuration keeps at least 1" of pick/pluck foam around each Elektron machine. This would be without the PL-2 covers.

The box at the bottom shows space needed for either a 3rd Elektron or a Novation Remote Zero SLmkII, which just fits thanks to how this case has more room in the areas where the trolly handle is not present. I think the RZ-SLmk2, with its two midi outs, is a great midi mixer for voice volumes and filters on any pair of Elektrons.

Got my dark trinity /w PL-2 covers to fit quite nicely in the 1510. Its just pick-n-pluck at the moment, but I plan on getting a more sturdy custom cut piece of foam made soon.
I would reccommend the pick-n-pluck route because it falls apart a bit to easily for a permanent arrangement but it should hold me over long enough to show the foam people my arrangement and have them make a solid version of this.
The extra (currently un-cut/plucked) space will be for the power supplies and maybe some other cables for any left over room

The piece of foam in the lid part is a bit too thick so I’ll have to get a thinner piece for that as well.

That’s why I opted for the HPRC 2550w instead of the 1510. I didn’t want to sacrifice cushion of foam density in the lid just to get 3 boxes to fit.
Looks good!

Right on.
Yeah I see what you mean. I know my gear will be safe because I will never let it in the hands of anyone I don’t know/trust, so I dont need 1"+ of foam surrounding each machine.

I live by the same standards with my phone. Otterboxes are completely unnecessary IMO. If you are so clumsy that you need your phone to be water-proof and “drop from the top of the empire state building” proof, you shouldn’t own a phone thats $20+

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I fly with my gear a lot. And although it won’t get checked in as under carriage luggage, I just like the added protection with putting it up in bins, and into taxis and such.
One of the reasons I went with the bright red case was security.
It’s very obvious when it is on the move. So if anyone wants to take a chance, they had better move fast!

Yeah totally.
You would be surprised how resilient this gear is. I build & test for WMD and now after working with a fair amount of gear I have plenty of confidence in my gear’s saftey with 1/2" of foam on all sides. The PL-2 covers add extra confidence on protecting the encoders. I do wish the Octacrack’s jacks weren’t sticking out but I dont forsee this as a problem.

The red is a brilliant Idea!
I might do a couple neon green strips of tape or something to make mine stand out.

Best 3 Elektron hard case for a plane for more details, pics.

Another reason I opted for the HPRC was the additional interior space was definitely needed for the MonoMachine’s protruding 1/4" audio jacks.


Instead of getting custom cut foam, I just got some 1/2" pieces to replace the middle slots and a 1/2 piece for the lid.

Also, the slot on top perfectly fits all 3 power supplies! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty solid IMO.

Anybody have suggestions on what glue to use to make some areas more sturdy?

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My experience with Pelican and HPRC cases is to not use glue. I find that the objects in their custom fit enclosures is the best way to ensure a sturdy fit. It will always feel a little “loose” when the objects are outside of the case. I used glue when I had a Pelican case for my MPC2000XL 13 years ago and the hardened foam from the glue scratched the MPC.

That said, as you’ve modified the internal foam with 3rd party foam… if you need glue to secure the newly cut foam pieces to the original pick/pluck foam - go to your local arts & crafts store and look for “foam glue” or “styro foam glue”. Just make sure any surfaces that have the glue on them won’t touch your equipment.
Best of luck!

This is the one I just bought. Can fit 4 elektrons sideways, with dust covers on.

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I would look here first