Best 3 Elektron hard case for a plane

I have found it, and have finished testing it.

The HPRC 2550w.

The way I understand it, HPRC is an Italian company that is a competitor to Pelican.

I really wanted a hard case for 3 Elektrons that was certified as carry-on luggage. I don’t like taking chances (especially with my gear), and getting a larger Pelican case that may or may not be allowed on a plane was simply not worth it to me. The one flight crew that wouldn’t let me carry on a larger Pelican case with 3 Elektrons would be the one that loses my luggage, and that’s not worth the gamble. Plus, the 1510 only holds two Elektrons comfortably, and you need at least one PL-2 because you have to stack them. You could try to hold 3 Elektrons in the 1510, in the upright fashion, but you lose a 1/4" clearance with the 1510, and with the MD & MnM protruding jacks, you would risk compressing the jacks. Not worth it. That extra 1/4" makes a big difference.

The HPRC 2550w has larger interior dimensions than the Pelican 1510, but is roughly the same size on the outside, meaning you can fit 3 Elektron boxes inside, like this:

internal dimension 510x285x208(mm) - 20.08x11.22x8.19(in)
external dimension 559x350x233(mm) - 22.01x13.78x9.17(in)

It took me a couple hours of picking the foam, and then manually cutting the foam, but I managed to safely squeeze in an Analog Rytm, an Analog Four, a MonoMachine, a JLCooper FaderMaster, and a Mackie Mix5.

Since the interior dimensions are just barely on the edge of allowing the Elektrons to sit in this fashion, the lid does not just fold flat when it is full of gear. Part of this is because there is less room in the middle as some interior space is taken up by the extendable handle. However, even with slightly less room in the middle, that interior measurement in the middle is still larger than the Pelican 1510.

But with a little light compression with one hand, you can latch it shut with the other hand.

I was concerned that there might be too much compression going on, so I took out the foam in the lid, and it closes with one hand just fine. In fact, there’s more than 8mm clearance between the middle Elektron box and the inside of the case lid without foam. Remember that extra 1/4 inch I was talking about? So the foam is just making things that much more snug but not harming anything.


Awesome tip, I carry mines in their original bags, I managed to put some adhesive velcro on them to join two bags on a “single” bag, and the third also with velcro sticked to my trolley on the outside. :slight_smile:

I always got them with me on the plane´s cabin :wink:

Adam, do you use a computer also?

Not when traveling. No.
No room in this case for a computer.

I do carry an iPad, though.
You can tuck an iPad air or Mini, in a protective sleeve, between the foam and the case wall (behind the Rytm), or up against the bottom of one of the Elektrons.


I see. tnx :slight_smile:

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yea this is awesome ! cool thanks for the pics

I like this idea. One question though.
Is the foam tough enough to just use it to cover the machines and use a simple back pack instead?

The hard case helps the foam hold its shape and stay tight around the equipment. I wouldnt use the foam without the hard case. The foam is made to the contours of the case.


Sorry to resurrect such an old topic, but I’m taking my dark trinity on a flight next week and just picked up one of these based on your post.

First off, many thanks for the recommendation. It seems like a solid case.

AdamJay (or any others that are using this case): any advice on how to position, pluck, etc? Would you have done it any differently now that you’ve seen the end result? The reason I ask is because I want to be able to fit the OT with a PL-2 cover so the fader is protected. Would placing the A4 and Rytm without PL-2 covers on the outside with the encoders facing outward create more space in between for the OT with a PL-2 cover (3 inches needed)?

I’ve screwed up plucking foam for my other cases (too large for carry-on) more times than I’d like to admit. Hoping to get this right the first time. I assume I may need to figure it out, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have a question too. What’s your experience been like at airports with this? I ask for two reasons: first because this will be way over the weight allowance of any airline (if they happen weigh it at the gate you’ll be forced to check it in and pay), second because at security they often make you remove all electronics from the bag, which could be tricky given how compact this all is. You ever run into issues like this?

If using PL-2, I would find another piece of (sturdier, denser) foam that is removable to place between your OT/PL2 lid and the bottom of another Elektron, and pluck the foam to have two compartments. One larger for OT/PL2 + Rytm, and one smaller for A4.
Rytm needs a little more room than A4, thanks to the pad depth. Accordingly, it fits a little more snug going in.

In any event, encoders on all machines, facing forward, toward the latches would be best.

Carry on weight limit is different from airline to airline, and region to region within most airlines.
For instance, on Delta, there is no weight limit for carry-on, so long as you can lift it above your head to stow it. Except for Delta flights to and around Asia.
Southwest has no limit.
Spirit Airlines’ limit is 40lbs for carry-on.

So first, check to see if your airline has a limit. If they do, prepare for the possibility that your bag might have to be checked. (get a travel security approved lock for it). But chances are unless anyone else picks it up, they’ll not have an idea of its weight. I’ve only ever had my checked bags weighed, never my carry-on. Treat it like a simple carry-on case, and not a hard case full of expensive electronics, and no one will be the wiser.

I have never had an issue with the weight of this case, which is around 32lbs with 3 Elektrons, and power supplies.

As far as taking all the electronics out to be scanned…
It’s standard practice. It’s not tricky. Grab a couple extra bins for your Elektrons. You can leave the PSUs in the case.
Be considerate to other passengers’ time and anticipate that you may need a few more seconds than other passengers, and be ready (take your shoes and belt off early, etc.)

Worse case scenario is they’ll want to swab the case or the gear for explosives residue, which will take an extra 2 minutes.
Best case scenario is the TSA person will ask you what kinda beats you make.


Cool, that’s interesting, in Europe it seems like most low-cost airlines have a handluggage weight limit (10kg with Ryanair, for example) but I fly a fair bit and haven’t seen it enforced in a while. Once in a blue moon there’s someone at the gate with scales weighing all the bags.

In any case I don’t need any Elektron gear for travelling right now, just curious how people manage it. I believe it’s also acceptable these days to have an Octatrack and mixer on your tech rider, so that could save weight in some cases too!

You’re allowed a personal bag too, yes?

Bring the Elektron ECC-2 as your personal bag (it’s small enough) with your lighter weight items in it.

In the event that they’re weighing bags at the gate, put your OT w/ PL2 in that ECC-2, and your light items into the hard case. That should get the weight down on the case.

Ive had the bomb swab while the tsa agent was asking what kind of beats do i make. My reply was techno and acid…


Then one time i had a tsa agent say this is too heavy your not soposed to bring gear in carry on. I replied " well if the loader didnt just throw stuff’ or better yet losses bags that we pay for maybe i wouldnt bring em on carry on"

Also my susgestion is to also bring a cane with you eventhough you dont need one. You will get first class treatment .

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Hey, I can’t thank you enough. Your recommendation was spot on. I’m able to confidently secure my A4, Rytm, OT and Analog Heat.

One trick I found was to use of 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to glue foam together (will be using this to re-use my other pick & pluck disasters). This allowed me to customize the foam as I wish and glue the two layers together into one big piece.

Another tip that really that made it all come together was to use “Plasti-Dip” spray on the foam. This bonds the perforated foam and keeps it from separating when removing or placing the gear into the foam which is a snug fit. It also stiffens the foam, which allows me to have one row of foam (that would normally tear apart in a day or two of use) and it helps the foam keep it’s shape without hardening the foam.

No room for cables or power supplies, but what needs to be protected fits. To any others debating on which case to buy, this case is perfect for what I needed. There is no doubt my gear is protected.

Again, may thanks for your advice AdamJay!


Love the foam reinforcement tips!
I’ll be buying a new set of foam to size to different gear, as I’ll be performing with AR+DT now.

Your case looks great!
Long live the dark trinity as carry-on!

Thanks for this tip.


Grate tip!
I´d like to get one for my 3 Octatracks MK1. The three of them with PL-2 Covers.
Any advice on how to fit them with the covers? Maybe I should remove the foam between them and just add some dividers?

@Donald_Joseph I´ve just searched for Plasti-Dip spray. Which one are you referring to? the 11212? 11291?

Thanks for sharing this!