PLANCTON _ digitone organic library


Haven’t had the time to go through all of the patches… but until now I love them!


you make me blush !!! :heart_eyes:


:heat: Hi folks … these are our offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: … bump! :love_you_gesture::dog:

*** Residents outside Europe can pay the same amount in dollars (just change the currency on PayPal!)


Thank you Richard for sending me the PLANCTON sound pack.
This sound pack is wonderful. I’m really enjoying it.

Gone trough all the sounds the last 2 weeks, I can only conclude this is the best Digitone sound pack so far.

It is really great to explore this carefully crafted sounds, and alter the sounds to your liking. It takes you on a dive into the unexplored… from the shallow waters to the deep sea. Very nice to hear such a well-themed sound bank. Well done.

The sound pack contains mostly very delicate and complex pads, textures, and lead sounds. But also some great arps, deep basses, and experimental presets. Really useful for creating beautiful melodies, lush atmospheres, and more.

Great to see the Digitone being pushed to it’s limits.

Highly recommended!

Kind regards, Sander


Offer is too good, praises are plentiful.
Elektronauts making sound packs is too cool.
Had to spend on this Digitone fuel.



Thank you Diego ^^
have fun :cb_r:


Hyper bump!! :heart:



Bump so more people can enjoy the discount…

Now that I played with this, I can say it’s well worth the price ! :+1:


thanks 4 support!!!
I really appreciated it!! :love_you_gesture::dog:


Just grabbed it!


First of all … I would like to thank you all !! (one by one!) …

We have released a rich update of the whole library (now there are really a lot of things to modulate !!) Yeah! Just click to your personal link (ZIP button …PDF … G-account!)

update the library :

_ backup your old favourite sounds >>> (recommended!)
_ next import plancton.sys in your unit!!
_ play +/- octaves to explore the whole bank!
_ new manual here ^-^




[mean admin edit : I took the liberty to add a link to your website on above image]


merci Dalai :v: :nerd_face:

added new version and I dusted the website …

PS: We corrected the plancton readme.pdf file (wrong link) … with a new one here

send us a message to open the file and confirm the email (thanks to Oliver for the advice!)

off topic: new Model:sample icon added to osx icns pack in FREE STUFF here


Cheers :facepunch::panda_face:


Hi Richard, I have no clue on how to download the update, I don’t understand your explanation: (Just click to your personal link (ZIP button …PDF … G-account!) :frowning:

I can open the pdf but I don’t see any “personal link” nor any “zip-button” … could you please help me out? Thanks


Hi Dirk!! ^^

I sent you a new invite to link!

You must use the e-mail with which you bought “plankton”!

When you bought the library, we sent you the plancton package + the readme pdf file.
Inside there is a personal link (zip icon)

This link only works for the addresses we have added!
We enable file access to the address with which we received the paypal payment!

I hope it helps! :cb_r:


Thanks a lot Richard, I replied to your emails. Doesn’t work without a Google account that has the same email adress as the one used for the paypal purchase… and I don’t have one nor do I want one


np chief … Did you see the email?

I sent you the files directly

good idea of your coupling with plankton - touchè controller !! :heart:


ps : sorry the delay (hard / busy day!!)


Got the mail, thanks a lot! I will think about making a little video using Touché + Plancton, it’s a really great combination. The problem with all these nice toys I spend hours just jamming, discovering and enjoying it. I hardly get to the point of actually fixing stuff on tape, as I still like to say, even in today’s digital world.

But it looks like a cool project so I will start to compose something!


You’re welcome Dirk :diddly:
in the meantime I’ll spam a little new anticipation


14 03 2019

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bhgfx3 :cb_r:


Hey @richardf the yt demo is DN only or there’s also samples?