PLANCTON _ digitone organic library


Woop woop!


Ciao Ryan … the Force is with you!! :facepunch::gorilla:


Beautiful sounds, brother! I greatly anticipate being able to play around with them :slight_smile:


Hey Folks … sorry the OT
but I’m listening the richard devine new album…
OMG!! :scream:



Is the Digitouch in the bundle you’re offering this week a sound pack or something else?

I’m assuming it’s an app.
Did a quick search at the site and couldn’t find any info on it.


yeah…, this website is challenging




I couldn’t find it because I was looking for the title of it, DigiTouch in the side menu.
Probably should of checked TONE anyways but thanks.

Edit: iPhone X wasn’t listed in the compatibility.
Will X support be soon?




probably yes, but we’re not sure (we should redesign the whole layout!!)…


I checked the sounds yesterday and they´re very good.

One question: why some of them are clicking? It´s not a problem of the library ´cause it happens on some factory presets and when I tweak a sound a bit, but is this normal or is my machine? Should I open a ticket?

And other thing: how do you manage and organice your sounds efficiently? Any laptop app to do so?


Hi Grumo!!! :whale:

I checked now and unfortunately it does not happen with my digitone !!
give us some example of a click (patches name) and we’ll check again.

My only trick for Plancton is the modulation wheel, pitch been,aftertouch … and the time!!!
(I worked on plancton library for about 2 months …)


I don´t remember which ones, but it happened when a sound begins and the last trig is still sounding. Maybe this isn´t happening with a MIDI keyboard??

Ah! Great names Donaldjong and Kimtrump LOL


For me, if anything, it’s on the contrary … with a keyboard is much more likely, as you only need a little variation on the modulations of some patches (pitchb / modwheel etc.) to reproduce the click (!!)

ahah you are very attentive to details !! :thup:


Purchased the pair yesterday, will load them today and have a try.
Thank you!


Grazie OverUnity ^^
Really grateful !!!
Have fun!! :cb_r:



The launch offer ends tomorrow !!
(a special thanks to all those who have bought PLANCTON :heart:︎ !!)


definitly like Mr Devine, richard have a talent in sound design , thanks for the pack just bought it


Thanks so much Holografik!!! Sounds good!!
We have the same name, the same age, even the same musical tastes (I love the IDM old school) … but unfortunately we are not the same person … ehehehe

Thanks again …
Ciao :love_you_gesture::dog:


Hi everybody, I also purchased the Planckton set (and just had a cool chat with Richard :slight_smile: ) and I do definitely confirm that it’s outstanding. Very inspiring if you like to think “outside the box”. This is the essence of synthesis, very well done especially given the relatively limited (yet powerful) feature set of the DN synth engine. Highly recommended!


thank you so much brother !! Yup!!! I’m really happy with your opinion …
and it was really a pleasant conversation !! :rocket:
have fun and greetings from Florence