PLANCTON _ digitone organic library


DIGITONE sysex only no sample …
we plan to sample both pack but we do not know when !!! :drunk:



I purchased this and Blackhole the other night, and I just want to pop in here and say how much I LOVE these sounds. Thank you for making these available! I am looking forward to more…


I’m very grateful!!! :heart_eyes:

are you Paul??? **

nice to know that you like sounds!
have fun !!


is there any different payment way instead of paypal? the reason of i am asking is paypal is forbidden in Turkey :frowning:


hi yijijiy

I answered you in pvt!



Another happy customer.
I purchased this a few weeks ago and really like the sounds.
Definitely worth the purchase.
It’s been a fun learning exercise to try and reverse engineer some of them.


another happy “thanks” from me!!

I was not expecting all this interest !! thank you all … sincerely!
nice to know that you have come to the point of reverse engineer them ^^ :cool:

(in the last update I added two versions inside the package … did you download it? … so you have a lot of samples to work on !! 512 to be precise! :heart:︎)

Same patch names but some totally different !!
have fun


Oh wow!
That’s great, I think I must have just missed that one. I’ll check for the update now.
Thanks for the heads up :+1:


Just dropped in to compliment your website… The non-mobile version is stunning :star_struck:

Was it all done through Wix?


merci kairos!!

yes … it is (very similar to adobe muse)



Yes…The very same Paul!


Salut P …

I was playing with digitatk + opz and I was lost in space / time. :nerd:
it’s not the right thread to say it… but DT + opz are really nice pair!