Pittsburg Modular Voltage Research Laboratory


This beauty needed its own thread. I’ve been particularly interested in wavefolding as of late - checking all the options out there irt modules - but this is being claimed to take it to a new level. Need a manual!!


It looks dope! I am hoping for some more demonstrations of the vca/vcfs


The wave folding was rethought in this system allowing you to fold waveforms that normally don’t fold – like a square wave. Watch the DivKid video (3:15) for detail.

I wanna hear more samples. Strong West Coast sound with this.

xidnpnlss – Thanks for starting this thread.


DO WANT. I’ve been into PGH for ages now. this one looks really fun.


Right. Fold a PWM? Uh. Yes please.

Reminds me of when I first tried a wavefolder and put the square out of my M32 through and thought “This isn’t that cool”. :joy:


Restrictions are for the dreamless:

Restrictions are for the dreamless

I like the old school controls on this.


I love the look & sound of this.


It almost seems like their take on buchla red panel system to a certain extent




Around $1250 for the full setup


It should be noted that that is the Kickstarter price. Retail will be 1599 full / 999 (boxed) voice.


I couldn’t resist & backed the complete system last week. So onboard with this for a self-contained deep experimentation machine


I just pledged 1250 for the full system. Wtf is wrong with me. It’s so wildly different Than anything I currently own. I’m hoping this will be great sample food for my RYTM.