Pioneer Toraiz SP-16


One of the reps about a month ago said they intended to add all the FX in the RMX500 series effects unit, I hope that turns out to be accurate.


So who’s selling theirs on the marketplace already? Oh!


Looks pretty promising to me after watching some vids on youtube. Looks like they adopted their own version of P-Locks, It seems to have nice pads and well having that analog filter to push everything through is just nice. Plus that touch screen as long as its responsive enough would create a nice quick workflow. I have way too much shit so I won’t be picking one of these up anytime soon but if I was looking to try a new sampler I’d probably try the Toraiz


I won’t be buying one but at least the interface/touch screen looks responsive


So it looks like what Elektron calls a “KIT” - Pioneer calls a “SCENE”.
Though slightly different, as a SCENE also appears to be a pattern bank.

Each “Project” has 16 SCENES.
Each SCENE holds 16 Patterns.


Wish gear manufacturers could settle on a naming convention for this kind of stuff. Managing data over several different machines can become extremely confusing :sweat_smile:


When the guy first started talking in that video I immediately thought “why is comedian Nick Stewardson doing presenting a sampler?!”


I just quit my restaurant gig, to have just one job instead of two. So, I can absolutely wait for these things to go used. Would like to try it though.


I doubt I would like it though. It might be super convenient, but I think I might actually dislike the high tech, touch screen with great graphics. That might be where it loses me. The charm with elektron, is it’s sorta low tech reading. It awakens a younger me that is still playing the first gameboy. That being said…those individual outs, though. Like…functionality wise…it looks like an OT with velocity pads and individual outs. <3

I’m so conflicted.


Oh man learning the names of tracks and samples etc in the octatrack coming from an MPC is brutal!


The thing I dislike is the seeming lack of layering of samples! That’s the biggest draw for me on my MPC.


I’m still new to the MPC world. I timidly recorded my first vinyl sample into it just last night(I’m new to the vinyl world as well) ignorantly jamming out with that one sample was overwhelmingly fulfilling to a degree that greatly surpassed the maschine(also, the maschine just seems so dainty and delicate to the beast that is the MPC 2500, I couldn’t get comfortable REALLY using those velocity pads on it). I finally purchased my jjos license tonight

The reason I say this is…what is this sample layering you speak of? Like overdubbing? Resampling? And do you know a good resource for uncovering all of the potential of the MPC?


I also own an octatrack and I don’t fear any overlap owning both. The mpc I feel is best laid out for really tapping into the soul of the sample, while the octatrack you can’t really harness the soul of the sample, but you can take it into space. I’m loving both very much. Only two years ago, I timidly approached sampling not understanding how one makes music with it. And now it’s my favorite method of creation.


Welcome to the MPC octatrack combo!
Same story here, but I started with push, then took that to hardware with an MPC and now added an octatrack.
And you are right, they definitely complement each other really well. I will run loops in the octatrack and then add finger played drums on the MPC. My MPC is master in this setup.
As for layering, each pad in jjosxl can hold up to 3 samples. So I use that to create the drum sounds I want.
So for example, I can time stretch a clap sound, add a fade in so I don’t hear the attack, and fade out the end as well.
Then I layer the result to a pad that already has a snare, and it makes a reverb effect with out using the crap effects in the MPC! Resample and lower the bit rate a bit and voila.


Ah man, I nearly caved and grabbed an mpc1000 earlier this year. Just seems to do everything OT doesn’t. Perfect match like you say. But I watched some videos and the workflow/loading etc seemed slow so I forgot about it. Didn’t know you could layer drum sounds like that. I knew it had poly tracks (massive appeal for me…) but didn’t realise it had a specific drum layer function in jjos. Damn. Why has no company just made a straight up modern spec version including all the jjos stuff!??


Get a 2500 if you have the room!


Most annoying thing for me is not being able to do simple things like naming tracks with out stoping the play of the sequencer. Then again I don’t know how to name tracks in the octatrack so… But the octatrack only has 8 so it’s slightly less confusing!
Well if Roland comes out with a more portable version of the old mv8000 they will have a winner for sure! Otherwise the toriaz might be the best modern equivalent.


man they really took A LOT of cues from Elektron here… I had not realized how much of a “me too” device it was… and there is always a problem with that kind of approach, if not numerous problems

ultimately I am skeptical of how “rock solid” it will be in action, when compared to elektron stuff, which is one of the key things that make these boxes so special - i was watching some interview someone posted here and the dude was saying how the OT and elektron stuff reminds him of something like a hardware tracker - and i thought “man thats it” - because I have always wondered why I click so well with the elektron workflow, and that really explains it well… I learned how to make electronic music on trackers, thats where I cut my teeth and I still have that way of thinking to this day

if anyone owned a sidstation, you will recognize the similarity between the programmable wavetables in that unit, and the way the following elektron boxes’ sequencers work - as in, why they have p-locking and how its basically just an evolution of the wavetable concept - which is ultimately the same thing as trackers

the fact that elektron brought such precise control to analog gear is pretty revolutionary actually - its serious business… not sure if most people get that, but I do and I really appreciate it

anyways, yeh… the elektron heritage goes back to the original chiptune philosophy, before they were called “chiptunes”… thats why its all so machine-like and precise and leans heavily towards the idea of “programming”

Pioneer does not have that heritage, they are coming from a different background - and yet they are trying to improve on the elektron concept… and it doesnt seem like a good fit to me. Perhaps they are just trying to transplant the concept to a different kind of style - but Im still skeptical.


I dunno man. I don’t really see anything ‘elektron’ about this box except p-locks. Which korg etc have already copied. The rest of the Toraiz seems super basic/nothing comparable to Elektron and more like a simplified MPC that’s sacrificed a ton of JJOS functions and added only a couple other features? I’ve not used an MPC tho so that comparison might be way off…

It’s a shame cos the UI/hardware is best of all world’s by the look of it. Looks amazing for a simple/fast workflow basic sampler/sequencer but the price puts me off if there’s no depth. Between £800 and £1000 and I’d probably grab one for sure. £1300 feels steep. Maybe OS updates will make the price easier to stomach.


then you arent looking hard enough… im not gonna spend the time to convince you tho