Pioneer Toraiz SP-16


Anyone know how to adjust the length of a midi note in the step sequencer?


Well I finally decided to order a Toraiz to give it a try, I don’t anticipate it will replace my Octatrack nor do I really need or want it to, but it will certainly fulfill a role that the Octatrack does not do well for me, namely playback of many loops in a hassle free way.

Funny thing is I am also considering trading my OTmk1 for a mk2, mainly because of the extra buttons.


Curious why the SP-16 over the DJS?


I inadvertently have sp16 and OT2, and I think if you can meet the cost they are a good pair.
(preordered OT2 last year, it was delayed so got sp16 instead, then cond trigs announced on OT2 and had a few months to enjoy / realise limitations of sp16)
in fact if the sp16 had just a few more features it would be amazing:
more LFOs, more FX slots, conditional trigs - things OT2 has.
I do like setting up a bunch of midi conditional trigs on OT2 and then manually operating sp16 - using the pads, filters and touchstrip on samples, controlling the AS1 with midi (you can set scales which works really well). tbh I have also been trying to sell sp16 because OT2 just has so much more to it, but no takers in hong kong. I don’t mind because they pair well and I will build a process around using.
sound quality on sp16 is stellar - I have sampled guitar straight in from pedalboard and very impressed with how it sounds.
so for me - setup OT2 to play with itself, and twiddle the sp16.


Mainly the sampling time, form factor and user interface.


I think you’ll really like it. I always think of getting one again; you’ll be surprised by how good it sounds. I would definitely go for the SP-16 over the DJS-1000 as well.


Thanks - reading your posts about it certainly helped in my decision :fist_right: :fist_left:

I ruled out the mpc live as I think it does not have the immediacy of the SP-16, fast and simple workflow is getting much more important for me these days.
I get that the SP may be lacking some features but I’m hopeful that I can workaround most of them, and for sample mangling and transitions and any more complex stuff I will use the OT.




As long as you can/want mixing externally (With the 8 outputs) or if don’t care about mixing destructively before any processing … EQ then resample then Processing FX will work. I hope they gives a second slot of FX or a Mixing Slot… + a master chain (EQ, COMP, LIMITER) on the Master + A better matrix modulation… and one or two new REVERB…

And then it’s one of the best Sampler out there.

Edit : oh yes better envelopes also and a second LFO (if matrix modulation extended). :joy:

BUT You’ll gonna love the warmth you can get about the Filters on the Master outs That i’m sure… Don’t crank up too much thought or Saturation/ Clipping comes very FAST


Thanks @William_WiLD yes I will probably mostly just use main outs for live set jams, then use additional outs into my modular or external fx and Octatrack for productions.

I was also thinking it might be cool to split the tracks up for doing “DJ style” sets, so imagine tracks 1-8 contain the parts of song A and tracks 9-16 contain the parts of song B, then route 1-8 from main outs which go into OT inputs AB and 9-16 from outs 3-4 into OT inputs CD, then set up OT for simple crossfader DJ style mixer with track recorders set up for further mangling fun and so on. Ha many ways to skin a cat!

I think mostly I will be working on SP with “stems” of 4 bars, but maybe some chains too, did you try chains?


Yes you can slices and play parts inside;) sounds good your idea :wink:
Tell me how it works and if you’re happy… when you tried / find your perfect configuration

Enjoy Darenager :wink:


Sorry if this has been asked already. But I’ve had quite a hard time finding a clear answer.

Can you only output in stereo pairs?

For example, can I use the 8 outputs as individual mono outputs?


I bought and sold two Daren. They sound great and really good for simple jams with 16 samples. But ultimately sold because only 16 samples (no sample pool, no per step shizzle), weird annoying electrical buzz/current through fingers when not plugged into anything and all the bright lights did my head in, even when set to minimum. But if you can put up with the last two points, you have an OT to get over the first one :point_up:


@henryo Yeah bright LEDs can be a pain for sure, I guess I’ll find out in a few days once it arrives if it will be something I can live with, the electric tingle thing sounds like a typical SMPS leakage issue, never been a fan of SM power supplies, I will look out for that and possibly look into swapping it out for a linear PS.

Hoping that I can get around some of the sample limitations by having chains for drum sounds and so on, I’ve come to the realisation that no-one makes a proper and full featured joy to use sampler, they all fail spectacularly at something, ha! The closest I ever got was the RS7000 but the woefully slow sample processing makes it unsuitable for anything other than short samples, a real shame as the sequencer was great on it.

What did you end up replacing the SP-16 with?


I went back to an OT both times and currently have a mk2 that I’m really happy with. The new OS, especially, has everything I need. I can’t afford to have 2 boxes and the OT was the best fit.

The current leakage only happens if you use it stand alone as it isn’t earthed. If you connect it up to anything that is earthed, monitors, mixer, whatever, it doesn’t happen.

Sample chains work really well on it if you prep, but often I don’t know I’m going to want a particular sample, which is where the OT is better for my use.

Like I said, sounds really great, wasn’t overly impressed with the drive, stereo filter is nice, notched knobs a bit of a pain, still needs 2 FX slots and an extra LFO or two, but it’s a great machine overall as it stands right now. You’ll love it. Quick, easy and accessible. It was just those few points that were deal breakers for me compared to OT.


Good idea to use sample chains with the Pioneer samplers. Forgot about those. But that would help with the 16 sample slot limit.


Tried my hand at recording in all my TR-09 drum hits, and then playing them back with the slice feature. I’m using the DJS so I get some of the perform FX and mutes per pattern. Curious. Before I toss this one I wanted to just record something :wink:


DJS-1000 has some huge advantages over SP-16 so I’m curious too


My SP-16 is not getting any use lately because of the lack of looping. I bought it because there was promised that looping would come soon. Its a bummer its not there yet. Other then that, great sound quality and workflow. I prefer it over the MPC live that I had for a couple of weeks. I tried to sell my SP16 but there was no interest. So I just boxed it up and will wait for a hopefully big update with looping. In my heart I don’t want to sell it, but its sitting there… unused… at the moment.

There is a big comparison with the DJS, the workflow is pretty similar, but the DJS is big and heavy and not ergonomically build for production, its aiming for Deejays. I like the fact that there is looping and performance effects in the djs, but I will def. not buying it, because Pioneer disappointed me a bit and I am not a DJ. I still like my SP16, I really do! If looping is coming I would be in heaven!


Of course you can :wink: You choose how the 16 Slot/Pads/tracks are routed… Also any combination is possible …

Stereo or Mono