Pioneer DJS-1000

the djs stores everything on a usb drive no usable memory

I’ve had the sp16 since release and the sound and filters as a standalone unit still can’t be beat. Pioneer recently responded to me and said that they are working on a firmware update but didn’t say when it will be released. With all the backlash Pioneer received from 1.4 I think the next update will be a good one.

it was deserved hope it will have a positive effect especially for producers. At least if they don’t want to go to far in the functionality… it would be better to change the terms of marketing and communication, that the target is the djs as always… (Even if here i would say mixing is important for a DJ and they failed on the non-destructive mixing internal stuff capabilities.)

I had both side by side for about 4 or 5 days. The DJS has a much more solid and heavy build versus the SP. the SP feels like a toy compared to the DJS.

I never noticed the fact the DJS was made with plastic. IMO it’s built that well.

I think the convertors are indetical on the SP-16 and DDJ only difference is the stereo Analog filter is missing
It just makes no sense that Pioneer would degrade the sound quality , in fact i think its impossible that the SP-16 would sound better if you took the DSI filter out of the equation.

Ok that is a key piece of information and something I would like to do with the Octatrack --i think the closest it can get to this is here

The Octatrack just falls short, just barely out of reach of what ILL-GREEN just described.That can be read as a pretty tidy summation of the humanity I suppose ; the OT strains for something greater, but never quite gets there. :slight_smile:

I feel you there, but what ILL-GREEN describes can be done on OT.
I mean: you can sample and chop what you already have sampled as long as you won’t use not-yet-sampled incoming real time audio. Those real-time sampled audio can be timestretched, reversed, high pitched etc.

The sound is not degraded on the DJS. It’s very crisp, clean and loud. It just sounds different than the SP, for the reasons you mention.

Will do, I currently own the MPC Live too.

Seems you need some kind of looper. The MPC Live does have a Looper feature to layer loops as it records.

The DJS might be what you looking for in terms of live sampling and performing at the same time, its built for live settings. The Toraiz too but I don’t have one. DJS can edit and timestretch samples in realtime as the sequencer plays as well as sampling but its limit is 32 seconds per sample unless it gets an update which I’m sure will arrive shortly.

Oh wow, thats cool, so the DJS and the SP are almost identical under the hood. I guess a simple update of Live Sampling for the Toraiz will make it desirable. Again Pioneer missed another opportunity to corner the market.

I been trying to help them too since the announcement of the MPC Live, I told them to lower the price of the Toraiz way back in Jan. ‘17 because Akai is coming but they come across kinda God’s gift to the world. By the time they did lower the price, MPC sales were already dominating and people were abandoning the Toraiz for the new kid on the block. Then they release the DJS-1000 and they don’t even have a proper forum for it or a decent faq page. I made multiple requests for a forum or subforum but again it the God’s gift to the world attitude again with Pioneer saying no need for another forum when users can post in the Toraiz forum. Its a shame we have to gather in other companies’ forums to speak about these products.


I know, right? Gearslutz, Elektronauts…

C’mon Pioneer DJ forums. Maybe no one cares


Most stuff on the DJS I found by accident, not even in the manual. Would be cool to have a dedicated forum for users to share stuff they found. Because most cats didn’t know you can chop a sample as its sampling to multiple pads, I wonder what goodies I’m overlooking, you know.

I found this inn YouTube this morning. Some other sampling possibilities…resample the performance FX

Trying to come to grips with the Toraiz arranger and the scenes I gave them another go (below). You can get a lot going on with the scenes.

Also, the nice part about the arranger is you can jump in and out of patterns and scenes while everything is running. Alternatively, as you go through your scenes and patterns, you can just drop them into the arranger without starting the arranger. You can just build up an arrangement.

Pioneer did a good job of implementing this set-up. You can also record into patterns as the arranger is playing…good stuff.

OK, still trying to come to grips with the scenes and the arranger. Here’s another take

Sounds very good to my ears, could you explain a bit your workflow with the DJS ? Is this all prerecorded loops? What did you sample?* How is the volume automation done?

Hey @Sternenlicht

The first track is just drums and sampled FX, the second track has a drum loop and some sampled FX and drums.

I’m actually using the SP-16 and trying to figure out the best flow for using scenes and the arranger.

Starting with scene 1 and about 4-8 patterns. Then copying and building scenes 2,3,4 etc from there.

I’m finding the box is more flexible with 1 bar patterns but you end up with more scenes and patterns to manage.

A big break through for me today was learning to copy a bunch of patterns over in the same scene. Then go through and use the mute function to build a basic arrangement. The thing I learned is, once I have the mutes set up like I want, I then switch to track mode and delete what’s not playing. Major duh moment for me

You cannot do this on OT period --for example pitch control on i/c audio is discussed here—it cannot be done

Today I’ve ordered to a DJS-1000 to work in partnership with OT2

ILL-GREEN I ordered my Pioneer DJS from USA. Can you tell me if has an external power supply(if thats the case it will be 100V-240V) or if not whether there is a voltage selector switch on back of unit
thanks in advance

Could you comment on volume automation?
Does one have to use an external midi controller to do volume automation ? Or is the internal mixing screen sufficient?
The scenes is just a set of patterns playing at the same time? It keeps also the mute state?
You build your song with advancing scenes, then mute /unmute individual tracks? Could the mute behavior be influenced?

One Project with 16 Scenes does not sound much on paper, how interesting stays a scene in reality?