Photography geeks, gather round!

I know they’re pretty cheap these days, but I’m trying to keep my GAS in check and the truth is I already own much more cameras than I need… heck, the x-pro3 alone is much more camera than I need! :grinning:

I had that 35mm 1.2 too and I LOVED it, that’s one I definitely regret selling. The flaws are what made me like it so much, the flaring when shot wide open was completely crazy (in a good way)!

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Recently got back into photography by buying a Panasonic Lumix GX80 12-32mm kit and an Olympus 45mm f1.8 lense after dabbling a bit with DSLRs in the 2000s. My main goal is to save all those memories with my son who is going to be born in the next two weeks :pray: :heart_eyes:

Lately I have made pregnancy shots with my wife and I am very impressed by the quality of mirrorless cameras these days.

I am still very unsure about photo editing software. I tried them all: paid ones like Luminar4, Dxo, On1, Acdsee and free ones like Rawtherapee and Darktable. I think they are all lacking in some ways. Only one left is Lightroom but I dont want another subscription, especially for a software that I will probably use maybe once a month…

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I too like cameras and film.

I used to have a decent DSLR and film SLR but sold both while I was an MA student and $ was tight. Hope to get back into SLRs and lenses again someday. For now this little point and shoot with beautiful film helps me capture scenes that the wide angle smartphones can’t touch.


Have you tried Capture One? it’s my goto editing solution these days, it’s much faster than Lightroom.


+1 for Capture One :slight_smile:

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I have a Canon a-1 and an AE-1 that work, plus A T70, Another A-1 and a Konica Recorder which sadly don’t (broken rewind motors/filmspools…

I’ve kinda drifted in and out of shooting film since doing the first half of a photography qualification at school…

currently totally in love with the look of Portra 400

some recent-ish pics here


I toy around with both digital and film. Film has been on hold, but I’m slowly getting back to it again.

Oh - and Polaroids. They are magic. I’m restoring a few cameras at the moment:

Maybe I should just combine things, and just take Polaroids of synthesizers…



Has anyone gone from Lightroom to Darktable (or other sw) ? Any thoughts ?
I’ve been monitoring Darktable for ages (I tried it years ago, soon after it was released, but not in the last few years). I keep shuddering at the thought of rendering and exporting my lightroom library!

I’ve used Lightroom for many years but not converted to the subscription model. My cameras are still supported by the last standalone (non-subscription) version but I don’t expect that to last forever ! (Likewise my Photoshop version is non-subscription)

I cut the Adobe cord last year. I’ve been using affinity and iOS app called darkroom (bought before it was a subscription). I actually do almost no editing now, pretty much only bother with jpegs.

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Thanks! I do a lot of editing - although I do sometimes (especially landscape) aim to do everything in-camera, many of my photos are composited from multiple flash lighting (in different directions, from multiple places), light painting and (sometimes) natural light so colour balancing, masking, (sometimes HDR) are all pretty important. Some of my favourites are straight from the camera but a lot of the photos would be impossible to light without doing compositing and post-processing of multiple lighting setups…

Well look at that… Since I was most active here - I’ve tilted towards photography and I’m now pursuing at master’s degree in photography.

I’d be delighted if you wanted to look at some of my current photo projects.


I tried that, too. But for me personally the price was too high for a hobbyist like myself.
In the end I decided to go for Luminar AI because it runs well on my PC, has an easy interface for a newbie and gives very fast, good looking results. Only thing that you have to look out for is to not overdo it because it allows you too cheat a lot and the results can look unnatural.

Click to watch video
I took film very seriously indeed :slight_smile:

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Geek out on the camera synth porn!
I’ve been through phases of modding Holgas and making pinhole 6x12’s and PinPolas. Yeh, I made a dozen Holgas with Copal shutters that actually expose properly every single time. Got my fave film camera there on the Subsequent37, a Fuji GW690II, which outperforms any Hassy I’ve ever owned or used. Using Nikon for work, still on the D4’s and have absolutely no reason to upgrade for what I do, which is corporate/industrial.


Having less and less time I rarely do my hobbies these days. In the link below there are a few pics I took in the past. Nothing exciting but I thought that I can support very interesting thread.


I’m a Sony mirrorless shooter since ~2010 and besides making music, it’s my biggest hobby. I love shooting landscapes and maybe one day I’ll find a way to combine these two hobbys.
Her are a few examples of my work:


Hi! Great topic!

My main focus is singing and jamming with synths, but its transfers to photography too.
Learned product photography in 2021 and I think I’ll continue in this direction, but want to make more music in 2022 :slightly_smiling_face:

Shoot on Sony NEX 5 / Helios 44 58mm


Lovely :heart:

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After years of digital photography, over Xmas I took the plunge into film photography… :grimacing:

I’ve got an old Nikon FE (largely so I can share lenses between that and my digital) and I’m nearing the end of my first roll! There have been some teething problems with the FE, largely the mirror locking up a few times. But I’ve enjoyed taking walks for film photography and thinking about my shots in a different way, not having my internal pressure to take a bunch of shots for the ‘perfect’ one etc. It’s a slower, more considered, nice way of engaging with the world.

It remains to be seen whether any of my first roll pics are at all decent… They might all be turkeys! I’ve been shooting a Lomo colour 800 roll, but I’m looking forward to pushing a roll of HP5 or Tri-X black and white next.

Any film shooters, if you have good recommendations for a lab to develop and scan in the UK, let me know!

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Some great work and gear on this thread :heart:

Here’s where I got to when I bothered to upload my photography. Mostly taken with my Lumix GX1 and 35/50 primes which I love for it’s size and speed. Been quite a while since I’ve done much though. I liked getting out and about with the camera and lockdown certainly ruined that.