Pattern direct jump?


Just bought digitakt and I love it ! , I’m looking for pattern direct jump / pattern direct start function ???

If I play pattern 1 and I push pattern 2, pattern 2 will play only when the one is finish…

On A4 there are direct jump or direct play function but I can’t find on digitakt

Thanks :slight_smile:

This feature is not available on the Digitakt.


Oh… hope in a futur update.


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Click next patter, and then press stop and play right after each other. Works very good for breaks and fills. Some practice is necessary


Direct pattern jump + lfo–>pattern select = :bomb: :boom:

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There definitely is a way to do it, I used to do it, but I can’t remember it! I’m looking for the info as well!

if it were possible to copy a pattern not currently playing the paste action would give you instant pattern change,


There is a way to do this, but you would need an external device for that.
If you send a stop message and a play message directly after the program change message, it will switch immediately.
The trick is that you don’t send them combined into the same message(they cannot be in the same usb packet), that works for usb-midi at least.

Something like “hold stop and press play to jump straigh to the beginning of a pattern” I heard somewhere not too long ago. Maybe something similar works for pattern change?

On digitone this works: que a pattern change (. Hold STOP and press PLAY. Instant jump to the next pattern.

So if you hold stop on the digitone will it wait till you release it before stopping?, if so that is usefull.


Would altering the ch.lengt for the pattern do what you want?

There is also a way to jump to the next pattern at the same play point, but I cannot remember how to do it and can’t find the answer anywhere… Does anybody know!!!

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I think only the elektron devices with song mode let you jump patterns like that… you can kind of work around it by having some short patterns or patterns that are the same but have notes start at a different point in the progression but yeah I think that’s really your only current option on the digitakt/digitone at the moment.

I’m pretty sure I used to be able to do it somehow, but how?!

Change pattern change length to 1

Is’nt 2 the minimum?.

Change pattern length to 2
It’s almost direct jump

Or use another sequencer. ?

can this be done?