Pattern Copy / Paste while sequencer is running

What I’m trying to do is copy a pattern while it is playing to another pattern, and then switch to that new copy — all seamlessly while the sequencer is running.

Basically - I’ve made something I like live, I want to mutate it further, but keep what I’ve got so I can go back to it - perhaps much later (so I know about Save/Reload Ptn, but that only seems good for short excursions…)

So, while things are running, I get out of GRID RECORDING (where I seem to spend all my time), and press [FUNC] + [RECORD] , and I copy the current pattern. Then I switch to an empty pattern, and press [FUNC] + [STOP] to paste. This results in one of two bad outcomes:

  • the sequencer switches before I can do the paste operation, so there are a few beats of silence (the new pattern is empty), before the paste happens.

  • the sequencer hasn’t switched before the paste, so the paste just pastes over the first pattern (a no-op), then it finally switches to the new pattern, and get nothing ('cause it’s empty)

This is REALLY undesirable in a live situation.

In the manual, on p.34:

After selecting a pattern, and before releasing any key, [RECORD], [PLAY] and [STOP] can be pressed to copy, clear or paste patterns.

This looks like just the thing, but I can’t get this to work. I think that is telling me to press [PTN], then press and hold a trig, and finally press [STOP] to paste. This always just stops the sequencer, whether or hold [PTN] throughout the operation.



I’m also having trouble getting this to work - maybe you’ve discovered a bug.

From here it only stops if the receiving pattern is empty and I’m pasting before the switch has already occurred.

When the sequencer has switched to the new pattern - paste works as intended. But then I get a few moments of silence until the paste is done.

If the pattern already holds data - the sequencer doesn’t stop. But it still doesn’t paste what’s in the copy-buffer.

If the developers were borrowing UX from the last series of devices it would go like this, but substitute Pattern for Bank perhaps … the key thing though may be the duration of the holding of the Pattern[PTN] and Paste keys … i.e. continually hold the PTN key from the first part of copy ahead process … then keep holding paste until it is copied in … this may copy ahead without leaving the current pattern … can’t test as I don’t own DT

press bank* key (hold) <… swap bank* to PTN key probably
select pattern to copy (hold)
press copy key (tap)
now (release) copy ‘from’ pattern trig
press (hold) copy ‘to’ pattern trig
press (and keep holding) paste key

of course, maybe it’s different or not working yet

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Saddly, no: It seems to have the same behavior as if done as independent steps. Pressing the ‘to’ pattern trig immediately cues the pattern to play, and it will switch at the end of the current pattern giving the silence mentioned above.

If you keep holding the paste key, it just cycles between paste and clear paste (undo)!

seems unimplemented as of yet - pressing paste while holding the target pattern slot just stops the sequencer. Doing this while holding func, does nothing.


That’s a pity, one would have imagined this functionality was key to the DT ‘flow’ experience … may be something to wait (or ask) for … early days though, I’m getting the impression that a few bells and whistles didn’t make it in time for launch


yeah I think that’s basically it… a lot of the little irks & quirks may be gone pretty soon.

e.g. this one seems pretty obvious and I’m sure they have it on the radar…


+1 would be pretty cool if this would be working, without hickups - can see myself wanting to use this workflow with the Digitakt…

I would like to see this implemented too.
Seems like it would be pretty important to keep a flow going when jamming through different patterns.

To take it a stage further, it would be nice to be able to copy single or multiple tracks ahead onto a receiving pattern without stopping the transport.
This could be great for keeping an element of the first pattern running (bass line or chords or something) while transitioning into a second pattern.
Reload pattern could be then be used to completely switch to the second pattern when ready.

I could see this being really useful for playing live, switching patterns without stopping the beat.

I don’t have a Digitakt yet and I’m pretty sold on the pattern creation, sample manipulation and playing around within patterns. It seems that keeping a flow going while switching patterns may be a weak point at the moment.

I did appreciate Cenks workarounds using long samples to keep an element going through transitions, but it would be nice to take that a bit further.

Here’s hoping it may be addressed through some updates.

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Oh! Which video did he do this in?

I was talking about this one

I’ve given it a second look and it actually looks like the long samples continue to play when he stops the transport and cues up another pattern, but the sample stops when the new pattern kicks in. The reverb and delay tails seem to continue. You can see it at around 8m40s.

A more fluid way of changing between patterns would definitely be nice.

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I cannot figure out how to copy paste patterns in Digi, it’s just me !??


when you’re not in any record mode:
press FUNC + Play (copy pattern)
change to new pattern
press FUNC + Stop (pastes pattern)

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Many thanks !!!

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Just adding a +1 to this thread… I’ve just gone through the exact same process as the OP (i.e. trying to paste the current pattern into a non-playing pattern slot). Would be fantastically helpful for live performance, really hope Elektron implement this soon. I assume the fact it’s in the manual means it must be planned, right?


+1 on this feature plz!

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Hy a managed to Copy Paste patterns with no stop gaps

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What if you hit the PTN button and then chose one of your other patterns (not the one playing).
what happens when the Digitakt gets finished playing the current pattern?

i don’t realy understand your question … i m tryng to copy paste pattern live wile sequenter it running …and the only way i found it in mili fraction of a second… if you know a better way please show me … thank you

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I think I get what your’e asking - you cannot paste into a chained pattern, only the currently active pattern. You can also only copy the currently active pattern. So he copies the currently active pattern, and precisely times his pasting of that pattern with the start of the new blank pattern

if you watch a lot of Cenk performances you will actually hear sometimes when he pastes a pattern into a blank pattern using this technique, doesn’t get it perfect, and the first trig or so fails to activate