Parameter lock without triggering the note?

the MM button is a toggle for regular/split modes. func+MM is the setup.

dooo iiiit…

what settings do you have in MM mode? - cant figure out … but i see on your video - it works

I guess it basically makes the keyboard as an external one with Perf mode…but it doesn’t work with a4.

I was wondering why it wasn’t working for you and sezare.

Turns out that it only works when AK’s Overbridge is being used as a plugin inside a DAW (Ableton Live). Standalone doesn’t seem to work. Maybe an external kb would work here?
With headphones plugged directly into the AK, as soon as delete the AK OB plugin in Live, it stops working in MM mode (OB 2.0.39 installed)

I tried with no luck, if you find a workaround without OB I’m interested in! :content:

heh… well, as @avantronica pointed out,

the MIDI arriving at the track is superseding the sequenced data

but that only applies to the ADS parts of the ADSR envs, so cranking up the Release will give you the same affected sound (with less control obvs) - it means it only works once the note is released (nifty finger-jabs necessary!), but it works with no OB involved so maybe it’s a workable option for you :wink:

Nice one! Are you sure it’s not possible to reproduce OB on behaviour?

I was also thinking about mapping notes to NOT parameter in TRIG page, with a midi processor…

Don’t forget that with trigless you can retrig ENVF, ENV2, lfo1, lfo2, with TRIG page, so it can be really interesting…

Another idea with midi processing : Rel = Inf, send a note off just after note on, and send a short Rel value instead of note off.

yep, you can hear them triggered in the snippet i posted

if you have the means to do that, great!
which midi proc are you using - bomes or similar?

@garf I usually use Event Processor Plus, the simpler I have. RK002 can do much more. I’d like a bome box too!
I found another approach, using a keyboard with quantized arp, with a gate parameter (shortest notes setting).
Longer release, Microtiming, plocks on osc 1 pitch, noise, filter, osc 2 pitch (metal sync).
Sorry for the sound, I needed my usb cable for the keyboard so I couldn’t record with DN! :wink:

The arp isn’t set with octave, the plocks do it.
For some reasons it didn’t work with 4 notes.

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sounds great!

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It has been like this on DT before. Not sure if right from the start, definitely for quite some time. So it’s probaply not a ‘bug’ on DT and probaply even was there from day one.

Sequencing from OT (or another seq) while having DT basically do automation is huge imho!


I don’t get the principle you are implying. MIDI notes are incoming, which in the aforementioned use case say nothing about CC. So it’s perfectly desirable to use trigless trigs to manipulate the MIDI notes. I wanted to do this before, in fact it’s the natural thing to do - the automated version of tweaking knobs while being played by MIDI.

In elektron world, if you play a note from an external source exactly on time with lock trig/trigless trig in a sequence the plocks will be ignored on that step as the external control overrides the sequencer. Does not matter whether it’s note or cc data. It does not function the same as playing while twisting knobs.

it can easily be worked around by micro timing the plocks so they come slightly after the note is played.

In my experience, This is how the analogs, silver boxes, and digis behave.


Digitone can be sequenced from an external sequencer and trigless locks will be retained.
I don’t own a Digitone, but I’ve tested it once on a DTone and there are also posts on this forum that confirm this.
Some people say otherwise, though, which is kinda strange…

IIRC it was @Microtribe who first told me this was possible.

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If the note is held, trigless don’t have any effect. They do during release time. Tested on A4/OT.

Different behavior for Digis (maybe Models?) . Trigless have effect after the note, I much prefer this behavior. I post again my example, at the begining, no arp, sound modulation is made by trigless.

@garf I could reproduce that behavior with midi processing, sending a note off just after note on, full release (CC 107/ Value 127), and sending a short release when receiving note off.


Yeah I’ve done it, it does work but sometimes you have to move the micro step a bit early or late to get it to work… maybe that’s why others say I doesn’t work because the trig wasn’t exactly on the start of the note


but that does not work when loooong sustained notes are coming in

strange is - that long sustained incomming notes from BITWIG let the parameterlocks alive - in abletons live the long notes are killing the plocks - very strange

Indeed. A midi note length depends on when its NOTE OFF message is received. If it’s not received, the note is infinite / stuck.
NOTE ON messages are identical whether the note is short or long (using with same note number / velocity of course).

I’d check with a midi monitor what could explain that.

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