Parameter lock without triggering the note?

cant figure out whats different - but fact is, the plocks works when receiving long sustained midinotes from bitwig. from live the do not.

Bitwig has probably more endurance. :content:

related to TRIGS, in the manual it mentions the TRIG PARAMETER page. Where is this page on the Analog Four??

Note page.



I guess so. Best you post it here:

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okay thanks

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Ahoy there! I have a similar question to the above but for the MKi A4 (not keys)

I have a single long note playing with long sweeping filters, I inserted a Trigless Trig to change something like the LFO depth or speed BUT it’s triggering what sounds like a whole new note. On the mono machine this is easy - I just use the Trig Select button. Any ideas? This is doing my head in, I just want the note to carry on and add some parameters further along the sequence!

False alarm, I’ve figured this out - it’s retriggering the note bend. Paramater locking the note bend to “off” sorts it out. Phew!

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