Pace of firmware updates?


What is Elektrons pace for updates to firmware/features typically?

I feel like the Digitone and overbridge for digitone have become vaporware. (I realize that I’m being overdramatic here but updates and improvements definitely don’t feel like a priority.)

But maybe I’ve been been spoiled by the pace of updates from companies like Novation.


yes, you are being overdramatic IMO. I’m sure more OS updates are coming after overbridge is released, OB 2.0 is stalling the OS dev of all OB-enabled products, or at least that is my best guess at the moment.


Every Tuesday, at 4pm mate. Didn’t you get a timetable in your box?

I’m all seriousness, they’re pretty regular with updates, and more importantly, they have a history of completely changing the boxes over the years, via updates.

It’ll come, but they’re very busy (ob, new product, show season etc), and there’s not many of them.


I know… I’m sure they’re working very hard.
I’m just GAS-ing and I don’t want to spend any more money. (Because an octatrack sure would be sexy)


It is and it would set your studio off nicely. You deserve nice things. Treat yourself!


The Digitone hasn’t received many major updates since it’s release, so I’m assuming we would be due for one soon. Elektron has a great track record of releasing updates with added features/functionality, so wait patiently and you will be rewarded.


i think digitone benefitted from the digitakt issues/fixes/launch debacle , perhaps it doesn’t need so many fixes .

though i suspect it’ll get an update for overbridge soon.


I’d settle for the following improvements (wishlisting)

  • Swing trigs
  • Pattn chain recalls
  • Global tuning
  • Portamento
  • unlocking ratios for more atonal configs (detune is not the same IMO)

All in all I think DN is a pretty mature product as it is.


More ratios would be my top request!


I feel some incoming firmware updates in me waters



I really wish Elektron didn’t bother with overbridge, it’s a complicated mess and will require constant updates to stay compatible. I feel that all of the resources that would typically be working on feature updates are all tied down forever working on overbridge. PC integration is not the reason people buy Elektron products.


The absence of a tuning parameter boggles me. Even for microtuning on individual trigs.

@Ess explained the lack of portamento in a thread a while back, and that is fair. But tuning seems like low hanging fruit. It is easily done with an lfo, but then you’re burning an lfo.

A noise mode without the ratios would be interesting, but if I want bonkers, atonal fm, I opt for an lfo.

Keytracked lfo would be awesome.