Overbridge, wrong O.S ISSUE

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I installed some drivers on my machine, now I’m getting a message when opening overbridge saying , the paired device is connected but runs the wrong OS

Should I roll back the Rythm to a earlier OS, should I reinstall a earlier version of Overbridge, or is this a Windows issue ?

Any help would be appreciated Abelton sync is a nightmare with midi, really need overbridge to work

Thanks Len

It would be helpful if you could share both the machine’s OS version and the OB version you’re trying to run. I think in most cases the latest beta in conjunction with the latest machine OS is the way to go. There’s a dedicated thread for that: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/overbridge-2-0-35-public-beta/124966/40 and it has a list of the required machine OS versions.

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Hi :wave:

Thank you for your response

Analog Rythm 1.50a
Windows 10

Overbridge Version? I think 1.50a doesn’t work with Overbridge 1, you will need to use the latest beta of Overbridge 2 as per the thread I posted the link to. I think it works fairly well for the majority of people.


You’re going to need to move on to overbridge 2.0.35 if you want to use rytm os 1.50a Hans Olo already linked ya to it :slight_smile:

I should add I don’t think you can have both installed at the same time you should uninstall 1.15 first before installing ob2.0 also old projects will no longer work with the redesigned ob. so if that’s important to you I’d recommend rolling back the AR firmware and continuing to use 1.15. emailing elektron support should get you an older firmware release if needed.


Thanks a lot installed.35 seems to be working, although couldn’t apply all the individual channels at once, think this will change once connected to my sound card at the studio, thanks again for the response