Overbridge Pattern Clips 0.3.1 M4L Device [later version linked]

Thanks Ryan! And I always thought I’d have to be a Paramedic or a Doctor to have that kind of opportunity :sunny:

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I had an epiphany last night on how to make arrangement mode work!

Doing some preliminary work and it looks feasible. I still have to work out how to collect all the data I need at the right times. Timing is the hardest part but I think I can pull it off.
It’ll look like a magic trick where I can predict the future but it should work.

We’ll be able to lay out patterns in arrangement and they will change on time by sending the upcoming pattern slightly ahead of time.

I’ll post an update once it’s all working. No exact time frame but most likely it’ll be a Tuesday :sunglasses:

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Hey man I tried you max patch and it worked, but had problems with multiple devices from what I remember haven’t tried it in a while…
thought i would mention it for you to possibly check out

The newest current version 0.3.1 solves the multiple devices issue. It sets itself to the track you load it on only. Load a new device for each track you want to use for each separate Elektron device.

If you’re already on that version and still have issues, let me know.

Cool thanks I must have an older version… I’ll try the new version…

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Also, the newest version has a program change mode so you can use it with or without Overbridge.

Hey man, this is veeery nice. Thank you. :pray:


Thanks! Happy it’s useful to you :slight_smile:

I have an arrangement mode in the works as well. Honestly, it’s already working. I’m finishing up some bug hunting (it’s gotten massively complex inside) and making a little bit more of a user interface before I release it.

I’m also going to be changing the name of the device slightly to match better to what it actually is.


I’m having trouble with this. I’m not sure why, I’ll keep tinkering. I’m excited for the Arranger!

This has been changed to Elektron Pattern Clips. Arrangement mode has been added to that one. Check it out and see if it works any better for you.

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Hello! This has seemed to stop working since the intro to live 11 (in both 10 and 11) . Any possibility of an update?

Did you try the newer version?

Yes this is the version I’m using. Have you tested it since Live 11 came out?

I haven’t but mostly because I’ve had reports from multiple people that it was working fine in Live 11.
I’m working on projects that don’t require arranging patterns on Elektrons right now.

There isn’t any “non-standard” Max trickery that I used that should have caused problems with the current updates AFAIK.

Can you be more specific about how it’s not working so I can try to help?

You may also want to re-download the device in case it was corrupted somehow.

I redownloaded the device and did some more testing and it is working in Live 10 okay, with some seemingly minor glitches.

Sometimes I will stop all clips (running digitakt and rytm mkii), and on the devices switch back the first clip, say in a series of follow actions, and when pressing play on the pattern-clip-clip / or scene in live, it will switch to a different (wrong) clip randomly. Hope that makes sense!

I will test 11 and let you know.

Hi Airyck. I am trying PC again in Live 10 using follow actions. When I try to set up 2 patterns as a test, playing consecutively in a loop, PC changes from “A1” to “A2” after 4 bars, but in Live I have set the clips to change after 8 bars. After the first loop of each clip, it plays in time. Any thoughts?

The way it currently works is that the program change is sent as soon as the clip is armed (vs when it actually starts playing like normal). This is how the device gets around the program changes being sent too late.

So if your pattern on your Elektron is 4 bars long but your clip isn’t supposed to change until 8 bars, it will still arm and send the program change at the beginning of that 8 bar clip in Ableton. Meaning it will switch the Elektron pattern after 4 bars (if that’s how long your Elektron pattern is).

The safest way to keep patterns in sync is to make sure your clips are quantized to the same length as your Elektron patterns.

If you can’t extend your Elektron patterns then you may have to make duplicate scenes for as many times as you want that pattern to play (if you’re using follow actions). Your follow actions would just move to the next clip and send the same program change that is already playing so it wouldn’t change.

This is a current limitation because I haven’t create a way to deal with it.

I will put it on a list to add it to the new version when I create it. I need to go back and re-make most of the Arrangment part due to some new features available in the Live 11 API. Not sure exactly when that will be but it will happen hopefully soon-ish. I have 2 very young sons and limited free time right now.

I’ll either see if I can get information about the follow actions from the API or I’ll add some kind of manual “message” you can add to delay the program change in a clip.

ahh i seeee. thanks airyck. loooking forward to the next update. until then I will enjoy it.

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I’d like to keep this stuff contained to one thread if possible.

Since this is the old device thread I’ll post the link to the new device thread and ask that a moderator locks this one.

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