Overbridge & macOS Big Sur

@Elektron when can we expect Overbridge and M1 +big sur macs to work? We’re losing daylight here…

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yeah… thinking a bout selling my analog heath … it is taking too long

5 Elektron devices sitting idle here since July…


Really? Just because of Overbridge??

I got my first Elektron device (Digitakt) when I was already on Big Sur and Logic 10.6… at first I was a bit annoyed, but now I really appreciate the time spent with it (and other units I’ve bought since) in standalone mode without it being connected to my Mac.

I now believe if I’d have had the convenience of controlling them via my Mac from the start, I wouldn’t have connected with them in anywhere near the same way. Yes, we all feel peeved having to wait for updates, but now I personally massively value the learning experience it’s given me.

It would be nice though. :upside_down_face:

That’s the difference of course. I set up a workflow with overbridge and DAW integration - a lot of effort went into that.

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Manic Screams for Overbridge once again!!! To be fair, Apple have really dropped a clanger on all the software peeps, M1 is a f7ndamental shift. OB will have to be written from the ground up again. There’s a chance Elektron drop support for it, as they’re no commercial reason to support it. OB was me ant to be a paid for commercial model. It’ll cost them a lot to redevelop all those apps for no revenue, doesn’t make sense.

Here’s my 2 cents. I’m a Windows user running on an old system and I will be upgrading to Apple Silicon when Overbridge is compatible natively not through Rosetta 2. Apple announced that all of their desktops and laptops will use Apple Silicon SOC within 2 years of launching the M1 so not supporting ARM architecture will alienate all Apple users from November 2022 (we know that the the Overbridge M1 beta is being tested so it’s happening).

The M1 (and most likely M1X) run on the ARM V8 architecture, ARM have announced their V9 architecture and is likely to run for the next 10 years, so if Elektron get Overbridge right first time on the M1 with a possible update for the M2/ARM V9 we should be able to use Overbridge for the next decade without interruption.

The change from x86 to ARM is a milestone and in 5 years no one will support x86 for anything (from laptops to servers) because it’s so efficient.

As the saying goes, “Short term pain for long term gain”.


While I’ve basically given up hope for this ever actually getting updated, is anyone able to direct me on how to get audio from the AUDIO IN on my digitakt into ableton if i’m just using audio over USB into ableton?

I can only hear the samples my DT tracks are playing, but half of the reason I own a digitakt is to use it as an audio interface

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It’s not possible without OB. The USB AUDIO/MIDI option on the DT will only stream its internal audio to the computer, not the audio from its physical inputs.

Would be nice with an update on the topic of M1 support from Elektron.
For example: Any plans to go public beta? Or will it be launched in X weeks/months?

Just having a response of some sort would be nice and reduce the questions coming up again and again on this forum.


Noice just in time… works on mac M1 too. the plugin muted sound the 1st time after a minute or two… hope it s not a bug. Happy happy happy ‘Analog Heath’ back in the mastering chain

  • One thing though, @Elektron suggest to use C6 for firmware upgrading… C6 is not a 64 bit application soNo Big Sure support (had to use my old macbook air for this)

That was fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @djnitram i’m about to get an M1 soon with big sur. How did you managed you MIdas soundcard to work with it? would you be so kind to give me some infos? I hope this isn’t Off topic for the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Almost 2 months now and not a peep.

Come on @Elektron just give us something, I’d take an “we don’t know” right now.

there’s a public beta that’s been out for close to a month already

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Thanks for update, that’s great news. I just wish Electron were as responsive on this issue as you. It was starting to feel like I was over at the Native Instruments website

Well they announced it 27 days ago…maybe check to see if there’s an update before coming here to complain about the lack of one?

You got me, a gold star for you. Still, no gold star for Elektron who fell short in managing expectations for when this issue would be addressed.

Now that might sound ungrateful and I can assure you I’m anything but, it’s relief more than anything. But you can’t have a situation where people are putting down serious cash on your products and then not give status updates on issues that affect when said products will work as intended (for 5 months). That’s no way to do business.