Overbridge is not working/showing up in Ableton 10 Live

I’ve downloaded the newest overbridge ( Beta). I try to add the overbridge vst to Ableton 10 live. Nothing happens. Ableton is adding all vsts except elektron’s overbridge. When I connect digitakt to my pc, elektron’s engine gives it an IDLE status. However when I open overbridge control panel I can see that all input channels are bumping as I hit play on my digitakt.
Im using windows 10. Do you have any idea what’s wrong? Thanks!

Have you started a VST rescan in Ableton Live?
(Preferences->File Folder->Plugin Sources->Rescan)

If it still not show up after a rescan make sure that the Overbridge VST is installed in the correct folder.

I have the same problem because my VST folder is not in disk C but in D. The installation programm has not the ability to change the folder of installation…

How could I fix that ? I send a support ticket to Elektron.

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Same problem here,
and Overbridge is in the correct folder

Is anyone able to make it work as a VST in Ableton?

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same here. live 9. vst custom folder not on system disk. not showing. wtf.

I have the same problem.
I copied the overbridge 64bit dll to my custom vst plugins folder but it doesn’t show up in ableton.

AFAIK there is no “Overbridge VST/DLL”. Overbridge is more of a “package” that brings special drivers and VSTs/DLLs for some of the Elektron devices. Check the release notes!

Overbridge Beta

This package contains:

  • Analog Four VST Plugin
  • Analog Four Standalone Editor.
  • Analog Keys VST Plugin
  • Analog Keys Standalone Editor.
  • Analog Heat VST Plugin.
  • Analog Heat Standalone Editor.
  • Analog Rytm VST Plugin.
  • Analog Rytm Standalone Editor.
  • Digitakt VST Plugin.
  • Digitakt Standalone Editor.
  • Overbridge Engine and Control Panel.
  • USB Audio drivers for Elektron Overbridge-compatible hardware.

@ [spktkpkt]
You need to launch the vst inside daw to record audio tracks in ableton. That’s the problem.

Thank you, i know. The post was more meant to clearify that there is no “Overbridge VST / overbridge.dll”. I’ll remove the “Maybe i’m missing something” part. :slight_smile:

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Are you using a custom vst folder?

I had a similar issue where if I loaded the vst from inside the daw I could record, but it wouldn’t actually find the vst on its start up scan.

The vst are installed in the usual steinberg vst folder, so I naturally thought I could jusy drag them to my custom folder and ableton would rescan on next start up.

Turns out it has to be set at the install point but doesn’t ask you for a location, you have to manually change the location when installing.

I also had an issue with the ableton template which once I deleted and started again fixed all my problems.

To recap- tell it where to put the vst during install only
Start with a fresh template.

Hope that’s useful.


I have no problems. I just copied the DLL (in my case the Analog Heat.dll) from the Steinberg folder into my VST folder (%programfiles%\Common Files\VST2) which is set in Ableton and done a Rescan.

You can choose the destination in the installer


Took me awhile too but yeah this is how its done.

Unfortunately it didn’t look like there was a way to install Overbridge to a specific drive. I would have preferred it to be on the same SSD as all my music stuff which isn’t the same SSD I have windows installed on.

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I don’t see the browse option when I install.

You need to select a specific item (not a complete category) from the tree and the browse button becomes available.

As example: examine the screenshort above again and watch what’s selected on the left side.

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I don’t see the browse option when I install.

You need to select a specific item (not a complete category) from the tree and the browse button becomes available.

Yeah, I understood that. Turns out the issue was I needed to uninstall and then reinstall. then the browse button showed up, and I selected the right VST folder. And life was good.


FWIW n=1 report:

once installation was sorted, everything has worked extremely well. I have A4 mk1, AR mk1, on Overhub connected to an i7-7700 Windows 10 PC working with Ableton 10.

with OB1.15, I had extreme difficulties getting A4 and AR to work simultaneously. with 2.0, everything is stable. OS upgrades were easy. the standalones are great. very nice step forward.

I should just count my blessings and work with what works, but I’m going to try OB with Cubase and see how that is. and now I will start thinking about DN, DT and AK mkii…

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I’m having mixed results so far. Was able to get Digitakt into Ableton, but each “discreet” track is just a L/R audio out from main. So, I’m still not getting 1-to-1 audio per track. Just stereo master out. In Logic X, however, I’m able to get discreet 1-to-1 audio but it’s in stereo out pairs, so 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. And when I record I get actual audio file recording. Not so in Ableton.

Eventually something will work. I’ll either figure it out, or E will release an update.

heat vst problem with ableton 9, i found the vst but when i put in a channel (no sound,no automation communication with the hardware and the vst) with the new overbridge vst for the heat we can put it at every channel?no need the analog inputs?

Not sure what you’re asking, but you can only have one instance of the plugin per Heat unit.