Overbridge is not working/showing up in Ableton 10 Live

my problem is that the vst doesn’t work if i don’t use the analog inputs,this is normal?with the overbridge 2

To make things clear for Overbridge 2.0.19 Public Beta from Elektronauts:

The Folder C:\Program Files\Elektron Overbridge doesn’t contain the VST DLL Plugin Files:

  • Drivers
  • Analog Rytm.exe
  • ElektronOverbridge_AR_x64.dll
  • ElektronOverbridge_AR_x86.dll
  • ElektronOverbridge_AR2_x64.dll
  • ElektronOverbridge_AR2_x86.dll
  • Overbridge Control Panel.exe
  • Overbridge Engine.exe

( I just installed AR because of that here only the AR Files )

The DLL Files in this Folder ( Like ElektronOverbridge_AR_x64.dll ) are no VST Plugins.

The VST DLL Files which are the Plugins which you can use in your DAW ( Ableton, Bitwig etc. ) are located at C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\Elektron (64bit):

  • Analog Rytm.dll

Use those Files within your DAW.


Had the same issue when installing my new Laptop (Lenovo T495s - NOICE! btw)
solution: just add “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins” as user vst directory in the live preferences. that’s it. by standard, only “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins” is scanned by ableton, thus finding only the 32 bit DLLs.


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I’m running on Mac and am having this same issue, with the new BETA version. I’ve done everything from rescanning my VSTs in Abelton to uninstalling and re-installing, and for some reason Abelton will not see the Elektron VST at all. Anyone know of any solutions?

I have restarted my computer way to many times today trying to find a possible solution.

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Hi, same issue here, I have OS High Sierra (10.13.5), my Analog Rytm MKI is connected by usb, I can see is working on Overbridge (Beta, but the vst says: “Cannot connect to the Overbridge Engine…” and on the AR MKI I have enable the overbridge connection ( Global preferences > System > USB Config > Overbridge (yes) )

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi I wanted to try Ableton (Live 10 Lite) with my Elektron AR MK1, so I downloaded Overbridge (1.15.0) for Windows (PC Windows 10 64bits) but the Overbridge Control Panel interface told me that my Elektron need OS Upgrade to be connected with it, so I downloaded Analog Rytm OS 1.31B (by the way C6 Sysex recommanded by Elektron didn’t recognized my Analog Rytm, but it wasn’t the first time, sending me “could not allocate out port” before the C6 program start, after many hours on forum and topics as this one without any answer, I just downloaded another Sysex Transfer Program to dodge C6, and it finally worked thank’s to “MIDI SysEx file transfer utility”, then the Overbridge Control Panel was connected in MIDI to the Analog Rytm, I thought that I could use my machine on Ableton but once again no : the Ableton interface couldn’t find the Overbridge VST Plug-in, then I returned on many forums to find out an answer, but in vain. After hours and hours trying I was very very disappointed so I tested to download the latest version of Overbridge (Beta with success, and I tested to download the latest OS Upgrade of Analog Rytm MK1 (OS 1.50A) but it was impossible to transfer it on the machine, the “MIDI SysEx file transfer utility” program just crashed everytime I tested, and “C6 Sysex” continues to display this message “could not allocate midi out port”, I returned on forums where I had read that maybe MIDI port was unable to receive the machine because of other MIDI program, then I was so angry that I just uninstalled every folder where I could read “MIDI” on it, before testing again with the two Sysex program, in vain. “MIDI SysEx file transfer utility” tell me now that could not find anything in MIDI port just as C6, Overbridge Control Panel don’t find anymore my device. I’m about to giving up, I tested to make it work for 2 entire days and I’ve lost every project on my Elektron (2 years in full analogic) when I upgraded it to OS 1.31B, I don’t find any answer, on forums or topics, i suppose now I just have to uninstall every program related with Elektron/Overbridge/Ableton and install it again. I’m going out of nerve, just about to give up music and sell my Elektron. If someone understand my disarray reading this and think he can have a solution, please help me …

Hi Keudal,

Have you tried using the Transfer utility, instead of C6? It says its compatible with updating the RYTM MK1 firmware, over USB

Also, check that all the midi settings in the RYTM are setup correctly in order to communicate over midi/usb, etc…

Also, regarding Ableton and overbridge, it doesnt use a “overbridge vst” …Ableton will be using/looking for the VSTs for each corresponding Elektron unit (labelled digitakt, digtone, analog heat, analog rytm, etc) where you installed the VSTs during the overbridge installation. If you did not specify a custom install directory, the default folder for 64bit plugins is under
program files/steinburg/vstplugins/elektron(64bit)

… if this is NOT your VST folder that you use with ableton, simply move the VST files to your main VST plugin folder accordingly…

Good luck, i know it can be frustrating, I had some frustrations using overbridge the first time as well!


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Your comment is the only one I wanted to find on google, would have saved me a lot of time. Straight to the point it was in the Steinberg Folder, I moved it and now it’s in the plugins folder in Ableton Live 10. Thank you :ok_hand:

You’re using ob 1.15 you should update to Overbridge 2.0.37. Uninstall everything before you install the new Overbridge version. An uninstaller should be included with the downloads for 1.15 and 2.0 respectively. Also make sure to uninstall before updating in the future as well. You don’t lose anything by removing it first.

Current best practices re: Overbridge are


Then you should be good assuming you’re on the latest os for the elektrons you plan to be using as well. You can find that list of supported os on the Overbridge download page I believe.

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Hi there. Just installed the Overbridge 2.0.37 running Rytm mk1 in Live10, and it seems like whatever read here and tried it, the Elektron plugin aint showing. Any ideas?

Win or OSX?

I had the same problem with Analog Heat MK1 (Win 10). After I installed the official Overbridge 2 release, my Heat Plugin was gone. Look for it in different folder locations, e.g. steinberg/vstplugins

Im running my machine on Win10. The things is that, first of all, i cant click browse in the installation setup in order to install it in the correct folder, where my vst`s are. I tried everything, but still without any success.

thankyou NUoldNu! solved my problem, legend

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THANK YOU that’s sorted it - I had same problems not finding the plugins, now its working

You can fortunately just copy and paste the .dll however it requires the elektron 64 bit root folder to show up in Ableton I found this in the steinberg folder in program files. I have not tried it yet but it has now shown up on rescan of the plugins folder, fingers crossed.

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OK so I tried un installing and re installing Overbridge in the Steinberg VST location, the Vstplugin folder itself, even making a new folder and I still couldn’t get it to work. That’s when I realized I was scanning for VST3 plugins and Overbridge is a VST2 plugin.

Hope this helps.


i am so grateful for you, you are the only one on the whole internet who showed exactly what to do, thank you <3

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Thanks for sharing this - I was going nuts…

Augenadler worked for me, thanks!