Overbridge Interface Box Idea ?!

This morning there came a thought to my mind.
Wouldnt it be great, if there would be a portable “Overbridge Interface box” that makes the tracks of the chosen device (digitakt / digitone / octatrack etc…) available als individual outs for use with analog gear.

You would connect to the box with usb and have 8 Outputs with 6,3mm Jacksockets.
The usb also could be used for firmware updates.

A single knob should also be there for swapping through the different elektron machines, and a tiny display, to see which machine is selected.

This would be hardcore nice !
And would make a massive point for live performing and general usability in a dawless setup.

Would anybody know how to pull this off by doing it by ourselves ?
Like putting overbridge on a mini pc like a arduino or raspberry and then just building a housing for it ?

Any thoughts and interested eyes appreciated !
Have a great time !


I just came across this post. Absolutely! This would be a great way to add individual outs to the Digi boxes…

Maybe look at this thread:

and this one:

i am regularly pondering this but it’s a puzzle i can’t solve properly. besides this thread there’s another called “breakout box” but it’s beyond my grasp. some genius has soldered his own.

i wouldn’t even need controls. just split the usb audio into separate channels.
something that runs a simple pure data patch for routing.
send it to the usb out of the box and i attach a multi-out audio interface to it which provides the outs so i can attach pedals to them?

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