Overbridge crashing Ableton Live 10?


Using latest Overbridge version (after using uninstall/reboot/install/reboot) with MacOS 10.15.5 and Ableton Live 10 (Suite).

I have a single Overbridge device (Digitone) running latest DN OS 1.30.

When using DN in Overbridge mode in Ableton Live projects, I have noticed the following events that occur repeatedly:

  1. Regular crashes of Ableton (after brief “beach ball” hangs). Recovery projects are often unable to load due to a “serious error”. This does not occur on the same setup/project with DN in USB mode and plugin disabled.

  2. Moving DN plugin track (e.g. from track 1 to track 8 in the Session view) results in “beach ball” hangs - which usually resolve - but not always.

  3. State synchronisation between DN, OB plugin and Ableton project saving is causing long save times and frequently I get prompts on the DN to select either device or plugin state - even when not saving the project.

None of the above issues are seen when running without OB.

Are any of these known issues and are there any diagnostics or config that help?

Thank you!

Since installing the latest OB ( with the latest updates for DT and DN on Windows 10, if my Elektron devices (DT, DN, AR mk2, A4 mk2, AH mk2) are powered on before I open Ableton Live 10, it causes Ableton to crash all the time. That wasn’t the case before. So, now, I have to open Ableton before powering on my devices. Why? Anyone else?

Does the USB Port on which my devices are connected can cause this behavior? Because, recently, I have rewired my whole studio and the only thing I can see is the USB Port not being the same as my previous setup.


Yup. Exactly the same issue, also on MacOS 10.15.5.

My machine is an early 2015 MBP. The Overbridge System Requirements state “Overbridge 2.0 requires a high-performance computer”!! Not sure if that’s more of a recommendation with that kind of loose definition? What qualifies as high-performance??

That being said, I’m wondering if my machine is just too old?
FWIW I have a Digitone, and a Digitakt running through an Overhub via the USB 2.0 cable, because the Overhub USB 3.0 cable does not work (apparently Catalina is to blame for that one).

I am desperately wanting to love Overbridge … but right now its driving me round the bend.

I’ve switched to using 'USB Adio/Midi" setting in “USB config”, to make the digitone and the digitakt into standard USB Audio and Midi devices … (using an Aggregated Device in MacOS Audio Midi Setup App see YouTube vid). Its ok as a workaround for getting the sound in … but you lose the VST like control sweetness of Overbridge …

Really hope that helps for you. And if you find anything out, let us know!

yup, same issues for me on Windows 10, the “new” overbridge is desperately broken, and I cannot open any session that had the VST Digitone plugin (ie all of them)

Same here. Have you reported to support?

Yeah I reported it and had a quite long mailing history with elektron support. I did everythin they said and sent crash-reports. But they admited having no clue whats causing those crashes.
I even updated my MacOS to Catalina and switched so Ableton 10. But I still cant run the DN as audiointerface nor I can run it with overbridge.

So in this state, I can not reccomend using DN as audiointerface/OB in a LIVE situation :smiley:
Although I finished a few tracks with DN in OB-Mode in Logic Pro X and had totally NO issues :slight_smile:

Edit: For me, equipment I use LIVE has to be totally brain-dead-crash-free-usable-whatever :smiley:

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Are you still having this problem? I haven’t been able to fix it… everything works ok as long as I don’t have all 4 DN, DT AR & AF on before opening ableton…
it can only handle 2 switched on when opening… hoping next update fixes it

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Yes, I still have this problem.

You did some trial and error too, good work!

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watching this thread to see if any solutions pop up. mine is also just randomly crashing even if I wait to turn on my Digitone until after the session loads.

This week, I had a hard time with Ableton Live. Always crashing, no matter what. So, I don’t think the issue is OB anymore. I’m troubleshooting again. I’m thinking maybe a bad installation of the Arturia V Collection update that I had to interrupt somehow. My Project that I was working on had one of the Arturia plug-in. I uninstalled everything (from the V Collection) and re-installed again. I did some tests. So far so good.

So my issues still occur. No matter which iOS-, Ableton-Version I’m using. Apart from that, I noticed, when I’m using my fake apple-psu (@home) the elektron devices are not even connecting. Maybe this hint helps someone with fake PSUs. Try to avoid them in general, but especially with elektron machines :slight_smile: