Overbridge beta and Windows 7


Hello Elektronauts!

Is it in anyway possible to use Overbridge beta on Windows 7?
Whatever i have tried has failed so far and the engine doesnt even recognize-display the digitone…

Also some drivers fail to install when connecting digitone, is this a windows 7 issue?

A little help would be much appreciated!


Uninstall everything OB related
Make sure the DN is up to date and in OB mode
Disable driver signature enforcement
Plug in DN

Should work


It worked!!
You are a lifesaver, thank you very much!!!


I’ve tried this half a dozen times with latest Overbridge beta and firmware betas for my RYTM mkII and Heat mkI and can’t get drivers for either one to install. I’ve tried permanent and temporary driver sig disabling, nothing. Any other tips? The AR still works with the Transfer program, but in the Device Manager it shows unable to find driver (or along those lines). Thanks.



Yes! This worked, thank you!


Great, glad you got past that little hurdle.


This thread helped me getting overbridge working on Windows 7 64bit.

I turned the Digitakt/Digitone on and set both to overbridge mode before installing overbridge.

I have both connected to Elektron Overhub, so I don’t think it matters if they are connected to a usb hub or not, as long as they are in overbridge mode and powered on before installing the software.

Afterwards they both showed up connected in the engine and the stand alone/plugin for Digitakt both work flawlessly for me. Can’t wait until the Digitone is ready to use this way as well.

I had some sound cutting out issues at first, but after setting the sample/buffer rate to 128 for overbridge and my daw that went away. I think if the plugin and Daw are at different buffer rates that causes the issue, at least it did for me.

It’s amazing to free up I/O on my audio interface, I can plugin more gear now and not use my patchbay as often. :grin:


Confirmed! This method works. Havent checked out what happens when i switch USB-Ports but once Drivers are installed in the order mentioned from @synththeory i can easily connect / disconnect / connect again - and the Digitakt is always recognized again.

Thanks for the heads up! :thup: