Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta


Overbridge does not work in the DAW for Rytm MKII… OSX 10.13.6
Says “Cannot connect to overbridge engine. Please start overbridge engine as it is required in order to communicate with the devices”… the Overbridge engine does not “open” on my dock bar when I click it… the control panel see’s that the rytm is connected and OB standalone recognizes it… just not in Ableton10.


Same issue here


Latest beta firmware installed?


Yes Sir


At this point, has anyone made any YouTube videos showing how Overbridge works with Digitakt? Would be curious to see. Edit: The VST I mean.


Why can’t I choose my own installation path?


On PC? You have to click the device in the list and then bit version - i only had to change one for the rest to change also.


Nope. They stopped adding new features in 2015, and will stop patching security issues in Jan 2020. From then on it will become increasingly vulnerable, especially with so many people still using it (it‘s more attractive as a target).


How did you get the A4mk2 working with OB? Mine is connected but there’s no sound through USB, there seems no communication between the DAW and A4mk2. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks in advance, Bart.


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So I’ve installed Elektron Overbridge 2.0 and the individual apps themselves work great.

But the VSTs aren’t installing in the correct locations. It looks like they’re installing to a new folder in “C:\Program Files\Elektron Overbridge”. I think it’s the VST files, they’re listed as “ElektronOverbridge_AR_x64.dll” in that folder.

But when I used the Elektron Overbridge 2.0 installer, there was no option to change the install location for the VSTs?

I’m using Windows 10 and I have the default folders for VSTs such as “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins” and “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins” so the Overbridge install should be placing the VSTs into those locations right?

I’m just perplexed as to why the installer doesn’t let you select the location of the VST install. Is anyone else able to select this? Maybe I’m just not seeing it?

Thanks in advance for any help!


When i clicked the device in the installer list and clicked the 64bit version from drop down the browse button sprang into life…


So, will this ever be planned to work on the older win7x64?

Out of curiosity, I got this overbridge BETA to work with Mk1 RYTM on win7… But the mk1 Akeys won’t install the overbridge USB driver under win7.


I doubt that there is a plan to officially support it.

on the Mac side, the oldest OS officially supported was introduced 2016, Windows 7 is from 2009.

It may work to an extent, but official support and development? Doubtful.


Trying to setup Overbrige for the first time with a Digitakt and Ableton.
Is there any way to record the FX from the Digitakt when using Overbridge 2.0?
I’m on windows if it matters…


Got Overbridge 2.0 working with the Rytm MK1 and after playing with it in my current setup, I am a very happy camper. I have achieved full hybridization. Using OS X mojave.


I just found out HOW to record the Digitakt’s FX via overbrige - it’s at 8:50 in this video for anyone else who couldn’t figure it out!


WINDOWS 7x64 install SUCCESS
(don’t connect units through a hub)

  1. Update firmwares of units
  2. Dont install overbridge yet!
  3. Make sure units are in overbridge USB mode and connect to windows PC
  4. Device manager will show yellow exclamation mark driver install failures several times for each unit.
  5. Now install overbridge
  6. Drivers will install for overbridge usb connected devices.
  7. Reboot.

I have mk1 RYTM and KEYS working fine.

Overbridge beta and Windows 7
Overbridge installation failed

Dell XPS 15, Windows 10 latest, high DPC latency from WDF01000.sys. Crackles and pops no matter the sample rate of buffer size. Trying Digitakt and Heat mk1. Heat is better. It’s worse if i run an instance of the heat and digitakt, VST or standalone together.
I’m pretty sure its more to do with this dell xps 15. They’re famous for their crappy DPC latency. Just ordered a mac mini, i7. Sick of dealing wth PC latency.
submitted a tickt to elektron anyhow.
Running t through a focusrite claret 8pre
i’ll let ya guys know how it goes with the mac.