Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta


Hey NUoldNu, nice to meet.

Not so much really. But.

I bought A4mk2 a year ago in full confidence that the software will be finished in the near future, and I spend money on all the available use cases. Marketing was top notch, we were promised not only good sound, but also convenient integration. The sound is pleasant, yes.

Someday, Win7 will surely die, but when you are crammed with a huge amount of different software and use it daily in your work, and you have already spent a lot of time setting it all up, who wants to change the environment?


Yeah I hear you. It’s a pita and I would be in a similar situation as you, if I hadn’t gone with a free windows 10 upgrade a couple of years ago.

Are you set against upgrading Windows for a reason?


Yeap, Digitone came one year later than the Digitakt, so by that logic Digitone owners will be waiting a year. Still, knowing the delay with Digitakt why advertise overbridge for DT. Any way.


This is a question of time. And yep it’s a pita for sure.


What’s an ‘Overbridge’? Seems like some kind of devilish tautology to me.
Also, are there trolls living under it?
Who’s hunting them?


Na, that’s no tautology. It’s more a kind of superlative :smiley:


Hey thanks for the reply. I have no issues with abelton recognizing the plugin, it’s just the plugin doesn’t recognize my specific device.

I have no issues with elektron transfer or anything so I don’t believe it’s the USB cable. My firmware is up to date etc.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Have you switched your Elektron device into Overbridge mode? If it is in USB-MIDI mode it won’t work with Overbridge.


Work very good and sync very well with ableton also this beta version have limitation because i can not use more than 3 elektron units with overbridge in the same time


Microsoft will stop adding new features to win 7 after 2020, but will still patch security threats after that. There is no reason for anyone to switch over to win 10, well any real reason, for the next 2-3 years, maybe more. Will i change my os because OB? Nope


Ah oh ok. Sorry man, I’m wish I could’ve been helpful!


Good for you man.


You stated this, but microsoft is not abandoning win7, it will still be safe to use it. That is all, and yes , i am happy about it, thanks.


Cool. Xx


Security updates end Jan 2020. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsforbusiness/end-of-windows-7-support





Ah. I figured it out! I thought my OS was up to date but it turns out it wasn’t so I didn’t have the USB configure mode under the SYSTEM preferences. Silly mistake. But I thought I’d post if anyone else had made a similar error and not checked this yet.


Yeah…and extended support ends Jan 2020, per the table in that image. We’re sharing the same information…


Ah good stuff man. I think it’s usually user error with these things :wink: