Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta


It is beta…


How is the latency for everyone on a4 mk1, is it better now? And how about digitakt?


(Whispering, in Clint Eastwood voice)

It’s over, bitch.
From now I’ll have Overbridge.


is it possible to send midi data from DAW to a Rytm mk2 ? I did the same procedure as with Analog four mk1 (create MIDI channel, select MIDI to analog four, select channel 1, repeat with each channel), it works with A4 but not with ARMK2. I did not have a rytm mk1 so I’m not into overbridge with Rytm - is it generally possible or some OB issues?


Well I don’t know about you guys, but overbridge 1 works with my black boxes, and I have gigs coming up so I’m not risking it yet!


I need to get two things off my chest:

  1. I’m honestly not a fan of the UI redesign, it felt a lot more intuitive and looked way nicer in the previous version.

  2. Good luck to me trying to autopilot through work as I stayed up all night testing it with my DT+A4. I’ve been postponing recording my second album until Overbridge arrives (silly to most, but that’s how much I despise recording track by track) and now that it’s finally here and working perfectly, I can’t wait to begin.

Thank you, Elektron. Some of us have had our doubts but you delivered. Looking forward to seeing a much happier Cenk at Namm 2019!


I’ve never used overbridge before but need to free up inputs on my interface, so piping the separate tracks from my AK via direct usb is suddenly appealing. Is this basic usage solid in the old OB? Or vastly improved in OB2? I don’t really need any of the fancier new (or old) OB features right now, just solid, hassle free recording of separate tracks. What would people advise?



Didn’t read the full post,went on with the installation, searched for the damn digitone plugin for half an hour,got furious I couldn’t find it,came back and read the post again. Now I’m relieved that the problem isn’t with my system but kind of pissed at the same time we digitone users have been left behind…


I just downloaded OB. I’m running MacOS High Sierra with Ableton 10. I can’t get the VST plugin to recognize the device at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?


Don’t forget the Digitone came almost a year after the DT release, so it was pretty late to the OB party as is. I do understand your frustrations though.


Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! This made my day!
Now I can marry my computer with that sweet sequencer in unholy union and rule the universe!
Top job, devs, hats off to you!


Have you set the vst location on the install? It doesn’t ask, so you’ll have to choose it.

Have you dragged the vst from the place it was installed into a custom vst folder? If that’s the case, ableton won’t find it in this case, so the location has to be selected.

Have you used ob1 in an ableton template? Ableton kept crashing for me when loading. I thought it was the vst, however it was the old template in ableton. Started a new template and it was smooth sailing.


Overbridge Digitakt works fine with reason 7 and the win 10 computer of my girlfriend ! but my pc is on win seven … please add win 7 support, please and please again


Known issues: doesn’t work on Win 7 :clock1030:


oh come on, after all these sad days of awaiting no drivers for win7? kinda 40% users on the market are still using it. hope this is just about beta. however, app ui design looks good and the tray icon is especially hmm… inspiring.


Windows 7 is dead, no matter how many people are oblivious to the fact. With MS ending support it will become a security risk and a liability.



I dont think many developers are developing ‘new’ drivers for Win 7 when they developed new product, I suspect this realy is the end for 32bit and Win7…


will happen on 2020, a walking dead but still alive


36.9% is the Windows 7 figure, whereas Windows 10 is at 55% of users worldwide

When Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends, they estimated it there would be around 36% of Windows pc’s still running it.

The numbers will continue to dwindle for 7, and rise for 10.

For Elektron to support an os that is at the end of its life cycle , it would be a lot of hard work and resources used that could ensure the experience was greater for those in the majority.

It’s frustrating for you of course, however there really is no need to blame Elektron here.

Microsoft are ending their product, whilst there’s still a sizable user base, so surely the dissapointment should be aimed at them.