Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta


Great news, and well done to the team!


Now it’s gonna rain EPs hhh :black_joker:


He knew it.


Do you think he’s that Jesus account hhhh


Jesus doesn’t need Overbridge, from what they said…


Thats right! There has to be a prize hat for such sturdy and funny forum service. Its going to be a tough wait now until i can get to my station…DT is waiting full of christmas sale samples, the Heat is on 11 and patterning is faast.


works at 32 bits?


Affirmative, from the free PDF manual linked above:


in Mac Live (32 bits) dont run


Ableton live 9 (64bit), Digitakt, win10… no problem so far, even if my computer does not meet the minimal requirements.


Woah, nice work guys. As a software guy, I can appreciate the huge work this must have taken. Can’t wait to give it a go with my 'takt and 'tone. You rule!


Thank you Elektron it was a long wait I even went back to Overbridge 1 after upgrading my rytm mki to os 1.45 for the bass sounds. I’m looking forward to the the new interface and more stable intergration with my daw. Now let’s get those au units so I work with it in Logic Pro X.


Keep it mind it’s early stage for DAW compatibility as they said…


On did a basis test but works on Live 10.0.5 and Mac 10.11.6.

My heart sank when i saw 10.12 for minimum specs.
Ill give it a good test this weekend


I just need to buy a computer


Windows 10 only?

Heat,Four and Rytm also works with Windows 7. Digitakt no…please support Win7!


there is not yet the AU version true? Or did I mistake something?


No AUs yet, correct.


after having a painful year with elektron
now I have 2 working boxes (AR-2 and A4-2)
yesterday I tries overbridge
works very well
much better than i could hope for

tonight I think I have to learn more about track delay compensation
there is a very small latency issue, but it is still there
no problems with it… it doesnt affect the way I can play the instrument
but… it will affect the recording. we will see how this will work, but I am not afraid of it


As a Digitone owner I am pissed. Also have AR, A4, 2AH

If you have made your customer base wait for ever, why not, wait longer and come out right, no need to generate frustration on a group of customers, in this case digitone owners, that will complain and generate noise on an announcement that otherwise is positive.