Overbridge 2.0.60 - Big Sur compatibility

We are happy to announce that Overbridge 2.0.60 is now available to download.

2.0.60 offers full support for Mac users running Big Sur and Apple M1. This not only means that those who currently have Big Sur installed can now use Overbridge to its full capacity, but also that anyone waiting for Overbridge to be ready before upgrading to Big Sur has the thumbs up.

There have also been a number of improvements made following on from the previous Public Betas.

Once again a huge thank you to all beta testers, and to everyone for their patience while we worked hard to provide a stable and reliable solution to the challenges posed by Big Sur.

Please remember to update the OS on your Overbridge-compatible devices in order to use this version. And please read the instructions thoroughly before installation.

Download the software and links to updated firmware here.


Happy news for Mac peeps! Thank your for all of your hard work!

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For feedback after using Overbridge on Big Sur please head here. Happy tweaking!


Awsome! Thank you Elektron :black_heart:
Hoping my Heat is usable now with no latency issues :smiley:


Won’t be able to test until this weekend - if you could comment on your findings here, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Overbridge 2.0.60…fully functional in 2060 :slight_smile:

Monterey public beta soon?

I’ve got the Big Sur beta of Overbridge on my Monterey test machine and everything seems to work except for being able to change the buffer size in the control app. I can change it but it doesn’t really change anything and the Digitakt app keeps complaining about mismatching buffer size. Other than that the basics work great on Monterey.

I hope Apple won’t make too many audio or kext related changes in Monterey. So far so good. But Apple’s relentless yearly release schedule may be too much to keep up to date with.

Big Sur beta 1 was released to developers almost exactly one year ago on the 20th June and the final version was released on the 12th of November 2020. Thats over a year between the first beta of macOS and a working Overbridge for that version of macOS.

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I think you are spot on. Big Sur was a major security paradigm change, and I’m hoping Monterey is a more typical upgrade. Apple seems to be more focused on privacy features this time.

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Hi i’m on M1 with Digitakt updated to 1.30 and the new overbridge
the Digi is not recognised by overbridge.
Digi has overbridge enabled.

I also have Digitone, Rynthmk MKI, A4 MKI (test later)

Yes! Now making a Time Machine backup prior to updating to Big Sur at last :slight_smile:

Haven’t really found a use for overbridge. The analog outs sound significantly better than the usb multi’s to me. I also prefer the tactility of the knobs and buttons.

Please give me an update when you’ve tested this with your other devices. We’ve had very few problems with devices not being recognised. Please make sure that you’ve given permission for Overbridge Engine to install the USB-driver, that you have the device in Overbridge mode and that you have a fully functioning USB cable (try with another one at least).


Happy to see the PDC fix, looking forward to being able to upgrade my Digitakt to 1.3 again. :slight_smile:

same for the Digitone, at this point… can you point me to check the driver permission?

When you install this popup should appear:


Select “Open Security Preferences”. Then you should come to this window:

Click the lock, then your password, then “Allow”.

  • uninstalled
  • reinstalled
  • reboot macOS
  • changed cable
  • Digitone/digitakt same thing

They’re just crapping out updates right now. Hell yeah.

@brykt @all can i just update to 2.0.60 without uninstalling 2.0.59 ? i am on Mac M1 with Big Sur.

Digitakt is no longer recognised on a Windows machine after upgrade. Unistalled, restarted and reinstalled twice, it seems that the driver is missing or something. because Transfer no longer works too.

LE: Funny thing is that if I change the usb mode in settings from overbridge to usb midi or usb audio/midi, the overbridge engine sees Digitakt and tells me that is not in ob mode. When I change the mode to ob back, it’d no longer appearing in the list.

LE2: Digitone works.


Yes this is a known issue and Elektron is reportedly searching for a fix. You may create a ticket but they don’t seem to know the actual cause at the moment.